Monday, August 30, 2010

Walking Deadman Presents The Walking Dead Trailer and Some Redskins News

I wrote last Friday that I had some posts planned and if I had time would show a trailer for a new show coming to AMC. Well, I didn't have time to get all my posts out this weekend but I'm finally getting to this one. AMC is premiering The Walking Dead on Halloween and from the trailer it looks like it's going to be very close to the critically acclaimed graphic novel by Robert Kirkman.

I first started reading The Walking Dead a few years ago when I saw the first couple of trades in a book store. I've been hooked since and still continue to pick up the trades as each new one becomes available. This was the first comic series that I primarily read in only trade form. Currently, I've kind of dropped out of the comics scene but I still pick up The Walking Dead. Looks like it will be a interesting show (for those not familiar with this franchise, think George Romero's "Dead" film franchise but in series form with regular characters that can die in a moment's notice).

Coincidentally, my handle is not based off of being a fan of The Walking Dead or anything related to the zombie genre. In the mid/late 90's I was writing/drawing a series (never published or even attempted to publish)  of books/comics entitled Walking Deadman (think Dr. Who meets The Sandman meets Resurrection Man meets The Serpent and the Rainbow). I liked the title and eventually decided to use it as a handle over at ExtremeSkins.

When I briefly wrote some comic reviews for a column over at Bang! Cartoons, Bang! was nice enough to give me a column header/avatar for me and thus many of the IIWII readers in the last year plus saw this picture on my profile:

You've learned so much in just one post. How about some Redskins news?

(while I heard about this news from various sources, the link above has a great summary of today's practice and what's going on at Redskins Park. Great work by John Keim.)

- Dennis Morris no longer a Redskin, traded to the Rams for a conditional pick. Nobody, including the Redskins, planned on having Morris make the 53 man roster based on what they've seen. If you can get some value for him, great.

- Skins pick up Hall Davis from the Rams for conditional pick. I wonder if the coaches aren't that happy with their OLBs or is this a player (potential project) that caught somebody's eye and could be a good prospect?

- Malcolm Kelly is done. Re-injured the hamstring in practice today. I just can't see the Skins keeping him on the active roster and hoping that he might do something this year. Especially, when the depth at the position is questionable. I have to think that a WR currently on the roster just won a roster spot with Kelly going down. Either the Skins cut Kelly or he goes on IR in my opinion.

- Antonio Bryant anybody? Or maybe in a few weeks? Think he may be worth it? I guess it depends on the severity of the knee injury. Unlike Kelly, he is a proven WR in the NFL. He might be worth signing and deactivating for a few weeks until he's healthy........

- No McNabb, Portis, Sellers or Grossman this week. I'd add Cooley, Moss, Galloway, Orakpo, Fletcher, Rogers, Hall, Landry, McIntosh and most of the O-line as well if I'd have my choice.

I'll have my second 53 man roster predictions up after tomorrow and the final one probably Friday. There may or may not be a Game Recap this week. What's the point, really? Maybe a brief Good, Bad and Ugly but that will be it.

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