Monday, August 2, 2010

Your Training Camp Stories in a Few Sentences (Days 3-5)

(There will be limited links to actual articles since this is an amalgam of everything I saw and heard over the weekend and today)
(The Beck-Skins?)

1. The (not so) big trade. The Baltimore Ravens trade 3rd string QB John Beck for CB Doug Dutch. It's not an earth shattering move by any stretch but still worth noting. Kyle Shanahan had some interest in Beck and the Ravens were going to cut either Beck or Troy Smith, so the Ravens get some value. On the other hand the Ravens have some serious injuries in their secondary and can use a corner to at least take some snaps in camp, Dutch would probably be the 6th or 7th best corner on the Skins roster. While, I liked what I saw from Dutch, there was little chance he would have made the 53 man roster. If Beck can show some promise, maybe Beck could be a long term solution as the Skins #1 or #2 QB (in 2-3 years). It's a win-win for everybody except for one person......

2. Farewell Colt/Cult of Colt. The Skins announced the release of extremely popular QB Colt Brennan. Brennan wowed many during his first appearance in the 2008 Hall of Fame Game against the Colts (Note: sadly, it was one of Jim Zorn's best games as the Redskin's coach as well). Since then, injury and mediocre performances have hindered his playing time and opportunities. Brennan spent all of 2009 on the IR. I still think Colt has something to show the NFL. He reminds me of Doug Flutie in that Flutie made some amazing plays, but also made some big mistakes. Brennan is always exciting to watch on the field. IIWII wishes him the best.

3. Graham Gano is a good kicker. Hitting practically all of his kicks so far in camp, Gan looks like he'll have a very nice 2010 season. Could Gano be to the Redskins what David Akers became for the Eagles?

4. Devin Thomas is making strides. Word out of camp is that Devin Thomas is having a few good days and trying to move his way up the depth chart. He's going to have to work hard; apparently Shanahan is impressed with Joey Galloway.

5. Albert Haynesworth can't run 300 yards. Big Al still hasn't passed the conditioning test (swelling/irritation in knee) but he appears to be learning the system and getting ready to play RDE in the Skins 3-4. Expect him to start practicing with the team once he has the system and his technique down.

Continue to follow camp over at Skinscast.

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