Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your Training Camp Stories in a Few Sentences (Day 7)

(There will be limited links to actual articles since this is an amalgam of everything I saw and heard today)

1. Albert Haynesworth's knee still hurts. He's not running and not practicing-nothing new here.

2. Some of the vets got a day off including Santana Moss. Jammal Brown has a sore hip.

3. Roger Goodell visits Redskins Park, talks to the fans and talks about Albert Haynesworth.

4. Dan Snyder interviewed over at Hogs Haven. Bonus, Snyder may open FedEx for the SNF season opener (vs. Dallas) at noon. Yes, at noon!!  The Horror.....(the beer and puke)...the horror. This could be the coolest or the scariest thing I've heard about the Skins in awhile.

4. Homer McFanboy gives a player power ranking for week 1 of training camp.

5. Skinscast continues to dominate in TC coverage. Check out their new podcast as well.

Bonus: I know this was written yesterday by DC Sports Bog- But we have a Dexter article!!!!
(photo credit: unknown)
Dexter Manley interviews will ALWAYS be mentioned on IIWII for he is the Man, the Myth, the Legend.

Seriously, I'll get back to writing articles than just doing link dumps sooner than later........

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