Monday, September 13, 2010

Cowboys @ Skins Inital Thoughts

Hey everybody,
Just got back from FedEx and man am I tired. I've been on the road since noon and after some bad weather and traffic, have been at FedEx since 3PM.

Lots of good stuff to say about the game even though I would say that the game was generally sloppy. Loved the Burgundy jerseys (they looked a bit darker, maybe that was just from the humidity or sweat) and the yellow/mustard/gold pants.

Loved how FedEx was full and the crowd was into the game. Sadly, I was so hyped I only got a few photos. So there will be very little to show on that end.

Great performances by D. Hall and Graham Gano. Everything else may need some serious work. And yes, not a day goes by without some Haynesworth drama.

It was an ugly win, but I'll take an ugly win over an ugly loss anyday.

I need to re-watch the game and then I'll have a game re-cap (hopefully tonight).

Enjoy the win Redskin fans, you (especially those in the 12th man today) earned it.

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