Thursday, September 2, 2010

FedEx Chant: "Hey, You Suck!" Crass or Cool?

New poll is up about a chant that happens at FedEx during games. During the massive beat down of the Bills in week 1 of the pre-season, the chant came back to FedEx as I figured it would. It's been a mainstay at FedEx for a few years now (I think I first heard in in 2005, if you've heard it before then please let me know).

What am I talking about? If you've never been to a live Redskins game, you still may have heard it on you TV and wondered "what are they saying"? Or, you may have clearly heard what the fans were saying.

No, it's not "We Want Dallas!" (another famous and occasionally overused cheer/chant used by the Skins fanbase)

More or less it's Rock 'n Roll pt.2 by Gary Glitter but when the chorus gets to the part that says "Hey!", there's a pause. That's where folks have added "You Suck!" in sort of a MST3K style of genius taking advantage of the song's pause and yet riffing the song (making it better/ more appropriate for the trash talking sport venue where the song is immensely popular).

Did it start in DC? My understanding is that the chant may have started locally at the University of Maryland. Here's an example:

Although it's a pretty popular chant across the country at colleges:

So, it eventually came to FedEx and the Redskins. So, the big question is whether this is appropriate or over the top? I'll be honest, I don't generally boo opposing players- I root for my team. That said, I have done the chant during Cowboy and Eagles games (got to haze a rival) but I'm on the fence about other times to use it. Do you really need to tell a bad team like the Bills that they suck? Especially in a pre-season game that has no meaning. That seemed too much to me. Also, do the fans run a risk of motivating an opposing team if the chant is done during a close game?

So what do you think? The Redskins have a rich tradition of colorful fans, crowd noise and rocking bleachers. Does "Hey, You Suck!" fit that bill or is it too much? What do you think?

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C-Money said...

I think it should only be used near the end of the game when winning a regular season game against: a) division rivals regardless of how much they really do suck; and b) quality team.

If the Skins beat Dallas, Philly or the Giants I’m down for chanting it. I don't care if in 5 years Philly is ‘Detroit 0-16 bad’, I'm still in for piling on.

If we beat Indy in week 6 I'd love to hear the chant, mostly because it will give us a chance to see Manning's evil eye stare!

Heckling in preseaon, that's bush league. Cut that sh$t out!

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