Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Cowboys vs. Redskins

Usually when I do Friday Night Videos, I don't tend to have videos related to the Skins. More or less it's IIWII's attempt to be a little wacky, have some fun or just play some good music. Anyway, this is a huge week for Redskins football. New era. New coach/GM/QB. New season. What a way to kick off the season in prime time at a renovated FedEx against the Cowboys.

So in another attempt to get you fired up for the game (especially you Redskins fans who will be at the game Sunday night) here are some recent memorable moments in recent Redskins history against the Cowboys.
(Ed. Note- none of these videos were created by IIWII, but they were embed capable- so we used them)

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