Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Game Recap Coming.....Here's My Thoughts to LeBron James About His Team

I'm about half way through the re-cap write up. Finally got through watching the game again late last night. The re-cap should be up sometime tonight when I get home from my real job. Anyway, to tide you over, here's my response to NBA superstar (and most hated man in Cleveland) LeBron James who was at FedEx Sunday to see his Cowboys.

First, Lebron's comments about going to the game via twitter (thanks to Mr. I for the find).

In DC for My Cowboys game tonight. Gonna be a lot of sad faces tonight in this area. Lol!!

not so much LoLing now huh?

Of course my classic reply (via twitter):

Guess I should have gone with "How 'bout dem Cowboys?"

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