Saturday, September 18, 2010

Man, Where Has the Day Gone? Updates and Link Dumps

It's Saturday and I'm convalescing from a semi-long week of work and trying to get ready for Sunday but I'm hoping to get some stuff done on the site today (since I really haven't had time to do much this week). So expect some stuff up tonight including some comments about the Texans, weekly picks, a Friday Night Videos segment on Ray Lewis and whatever else I can try to get done.

Also keep an eye out for me over at ExtremeSkins- I've got a 12th Man thread to write up (I've been such a slacker this week).

Add WUSA to our soon to be affiliates. Yours truly has been asked to do some contributing work with WUSA on one of their local blog sites. Interestingly enough, some of it may be original content and may not be just Redskins stuff (although, my guess will be that somehow I'll be writing about the Skins).

- Our friends over at Skinscast have a new podcast up talking about Dallas.

- Also, don't forget to subscribe (it's free) and check out Hail! magazine put together by some of the best that cover the Skins.....also, it's free.

- BGO is having a bit of a blogger revolution on their site with many knowledgeable football/Redskin fans joining in on the fun.

- J.I. Halsell has an interesting take on Redskins/Texans looking at cap dollars and monies spent.

- Dexter's Rush Hour continues as episode 2 is up. Dexter talks about the Dallas game.....

- Mike Shanahan mic'ed up.

- Ben Muth's analysis on the Redskins O-line in Week 1 and Trent Williams.

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