Monday, September 6, 2010

Return of the 12th Man Threads

'Tis football season and I have a tradition that I started with ExtremeSkins and have tried to continue with BGO.
 I usually do 12th Man threads for the home games. It's a bit of a Redskin fan pep rally if you will. I poke a little fun at an opponent and try to fire up the fans for the next home game.

Well, back by semi-popular demand, it has returned to both the pages of ES and BGO.

Feel free to check them out:
ExtremeSkins version
BGO version

Matter of fact, if you want to participate you can join in with the crowd and have fun. I won't be posting over here on IIWII (feels like it loses something here). But now you know what I've been doing today.

Enjoy the rest of your labor day.

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