Monday, September 20, 2010

Texans/Redskins Initial Thoughts

I still have to watch the DVRed game, but here's some thoughts from last night's game.

- The Texans are a very, very good team. The Skins have many things to work on (no doubt there) but they lost (and should have beaten) a team that so far averages 32.0 points per game. Their offense is just amazing and their defense isn't that bad either.

- The Skins again left points on the field. Galloway almost had a TD fall right in his hands, Mike Sellers dropped a ball that could have been a huge play. Bad blocking led to a blocked FG (gaaaahhhhhh!!!!). McNabb had Moss breaking into the end zone and some pressure caused McNabb to throw short. Short field thanks to a Rogers INT only led to a FG. Again a 3rd and one in the Red Zone and a false start led to an end to a drive (and eventually a blocked FG).

- The defense struggled against the Texans pass attack despite 5 sacks.

- The Skins still don't have a run game and that hurt the team. A better run game and maybe they can eat more time off the clock.

- The Skins can score. It's clear that Shanahan and co. have an ability to score TDs. We can hang with very potent offenses.

- For the second week in a row, I leave FedEx thinking that the game reminded me of the Skins/Saints game last year. In week one, it was Dallas that made enough mistakes in order to lose. This week it was Washington.

- For two weeks in a row the Redskins have had the lead most of the game only to lose it or come very close to losing it in the 4th quarter. That is a concern.

- The good news is that I see a great deal of promise from this team. There were mistakes, but they are fixable. While I'm concerned about the depth on this team, I think the starters are on the right track to get where the Skins need to be to be a winning team in the NFL.

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