Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1 Picks

So with a new season it's time to talk weekly picks and man do I have some crazy picks for you. In future weeks, I'm hoping to get up with SHD (we still may have his picks up before Sunday) and post his picks as well. If we ever get around to the IIWII podcast, we'll do picks on the show.

Anyway, here are your week one picks*:
* Please, don't make bets based off of my picks!!! You won't be winning any money if you do.

Vikings @ Saints;  WD picked the Saints. Final Results: 14-9 Saints.

1PM: Cleveland Browns @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.0)
Tampa is just not that great of a team. While Cleveland isn't elite by any stretch, Delhomme and the Browns run game should do enough and Rob Ryan's D should dismantle a young and injured (thumb) Josh Freeman.
Pick: Browns

1PM: Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills (+3.0)
Buffalo is just not a very good team (except for CJ Spiller). Miami should be able to win this one easily as long as they don't turnover the ball or give up a big play on STs.
Pick: Dolphins

1PM: Cincinnati Bengals @ New England Patriots (-5.5)
Upset special #1 here. Pats. should normally win this one, but I like the Bengals defense and I think while the Bengals have been more run oriented, T.O and Ochocinco are facing a very young and inexperienced secondary. Expect Palmer to throw the ball more than normal.
Pick: Bengals

1PM: Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans (+2.5)
Upset special #2. Something tells me the Texans pull this one off this week. I like Houston's D-line vs. Indy's O-line. I think Houston doesn't make the mistakes that cost them games against the Colts last year.
Pick: Texans

1PM: Denver Broncos @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)
I hate this game. The Broncos are inconsistent since McDaniels took over so you never know what you're getting. Same can be said for the Jags. who I never can figure (if I pick them to win, they lose and vice versa). Going with the Broncos primarily b/c I just think they may be a better.....but I'm not sure.
Pick: Broncos

1PM: Atlanta Falcons @ Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5)
Falcons are going up, Steelers are going down. Don't blame the loss on Dennis Dixon. The Steelers O-line is lousy. The run game has been non-existent. Only the Steelers D can save this game and I'm not sure they can do enough to slow Matt Ryan and Michael Turner to win.
Pick: Falcons

1PM: Oakland Raiders @ Tennessee Titans (-6.5)
Raiders are better but just not as good as the Titans.
Pick: Titans

1PM: Carolina Panthers @ NY Giants (-7.0)
SHD is convinced that the Panthers are a wild card this season. Me, not so much. I don't think the Giants are going to be a great team this year, but they win the opener at home.
Pick: Giants

1PM: Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears (-6.0)
Upset special #3. I really like the Lions here. The lions D is much better. Suh is a monster. We know Cutler will throw at least one INT. Stafford and the O is clicking. The Bears O-line is porous at best. Is Urlacher even playing?
Pick: Bears

4:15PM: Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams (+4.0)
Cardinals are just a better team than the Rams. Sam Bradford's 1st game. Expect mistakes and sacks/turnovers.
Pick: Cardinals

4:15PM: Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles (+2.5)
The Kevin Kolb era begins here. It will probably be with a loss. Aaron Rogers and the Packers O will just out score the Eagles.
Pick: Packers

4:15PM: San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks (+2.5)
Pete Carroll coming from USC back to the NFL is no indication that he Seahawks will succeed. The 49ers start their 2010 domination of the NFCW.
Pick: 49ers

8:20PM: Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (+3.5)
Dallas has some serious O-line issues and have struggled to score in the pre-season. The Redskins have practically a new team, new coach and a new attitude. McNabb is coming off an injured ankle and the team has some issues. That said, I really like the Skins chances here. Skins win. I have 27-24 in my head and while that score seems too high, that's what I'm going with.
Pick: Skins


7PM: Baltimore Ravens @ NY Jets (-3.0)
The Jets win by not making turnovers, running the ball and dominating defensively. The Ravens destroy the run game and are just a much better team offensively. Flacco throws a couple of TDs or Ray Rice breaks a big run......this game is over.
Pick: Ravens

10:15PM San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs (+5.5)
Chargers are a good team, Chiefs are not. Yeah, it's a divisional game but Arrowhead won't make the difference here.
Pick: Chargers

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