Monday, September 20, 2010

* Whew * Some Good News After Last Night's Loss

Look like Trent Williams is going to be ok. Or at least, better than what we all thought.
Reported by various sources including ESPN 980's Chris Russell and The Post, it appears that Trent Williams has a knee contusion (ie. a bruised knee) and a sprained Big Toe after undergoing an MRI.

While having a sprained toe (which is rather painful, especially for an O-linemen who explodes off the ball putting force/pressure on said toe) and a bruised knee isn't something you want, this is great news. No MCL or ACL damage. Thus, he's not done for the year. Which is what everybody was fearing when he went down, was in a great deal of pain and the early word was knee injury.

If the Skins are to have any chance of being a winner this year, they need Silverback on the field. Stephon Heyer has looked better as a right tackle in spot duty, but I am very, very afraid if he's the Skins starting LT for any period of time. I also don't think the Skins are that comfortable with Jammal Brown to move him over as well.

No word on Williams' status this week against the Rams, but that probably depends on how well treatment goes the next couple of days.

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