Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 8 Picks

Got to get through this quickly. Here are my picks for week 8.
DEN vs. SF: 49ers
JAX vs. DAL: Jaguars
MIA vs. CIN : Dolphins
BUF vs. KC: Chiefs
WAS vs. DET: Redskins win 20-17
CAR vs. StL: Rams
GB vs. NYJ: Jets
TEN vs. SD: Titans
MIN vs. NE: Patriots
TB vs. ARI: Buccaneers
SEA vs. OAK: Raiders
PIT vs. NO: Steelers
HOU vs. IND: Colts

Last week: 9-5
Season:  59-45

Bonus SHD picks:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updates, Redskins, Videos and Other Stuff

Happy Halloween!!!!

Mood: Mopey, Grumpy and Sleepy (the other 7 dwarfs need not apply).
Currently listening to: Storm Front (Book 1 of The Dresden Files) as read by James Marsters.

I never have enough time to do anything that I really want. Does that happen to you? It sure does with me. By the time I get motivated to write it's already 10PM and I have to get ready for work the next day and I'm a slow typer (of the hunt and peck variety). I've been really behind on getting much done lately. Blame AMC's Fear Fest I suppose. I've been watching the marathon of Friday the 13th and Halloween features they've been showing each night. It's edited, so no boobies or great gore/kills, but still fun to re-watch some of the horror films I grew up watching. It's amazing how Jason has went from being uber scary to me to almost laughable, that's age for you (ah, that time thing again).

("Time" by Hootie and the Blowfish is more fitting for this post, but I'm more of a Floyd guy so here's Pink Floyd's "Time")

Work (real job) hasn't helped either. It's been kind of rough since I came back from NYCC. I'm not going into details, but there's a few things on the job bothering me and I've been working a lot. I'm tired and my body wants to crash for a day or two, but I still have work related stuff to do.

Anyway, since it's Halloween here's another pub for AMC's The Walking Dead. Please watch this show. We don't get to see that much well written, scripted television anymore. Nor do we get to see hour long dramas featuring zombies. Support The Walking Dead by watching, I think you'll enjoy it (if you like well written dramas with zombies as an obstacle that is).

Here's a very cool fan made opening credit for the show (not part of the actual show)

THE WALKING DEAD "Opening Titles" from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

If you liked the music, then you might like the video for tonight- since I'm tired both mentally and physically here's a little "Novocaine for the soul".

Anyway, onto Redskins news and stuff.
I took some nice pictures from the Colts game, especially during halftime for Russ Grimm's HOF ring presentation. Hopefully, I will have time during the bye week to get it posted. Also, I'm hoping to do a "Let's look at...." focusing on the schedule (well weeks 9-17). I'll have week 8 picks coming up later tonight (featuring SHD picks!!!!).

Tomorrow, I should be making an appearance during the Skins game over at in the Redskins blogger live chat. Come by and say hello. Also, keep an eye on WUSA's (Channel 9 in DC) Landover page. I have a separate new blog coming up over there focusing on stuff in Landover (I'm only about 6 weeks late on that blog). More details to come.....

I have more things to write about like Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, more on NYCC 2010 and a hilarious comment of the week from Kissing Suzy Kolber but I got to get some sleep-- I have a very early and very long day ahead of me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Game Recap: Skins @ Bears

Hail Victory!
(Two of today's heroes celebrate D. Hall's TD. Photo via via AP)
I know, I know the first game recap in a matter of four weeks. I actually skipped the Initial Thoughts post since I watched most of this game in it's entirety. But I'll be real quick and sum up the last three games in two words or less.
vs. Eagles: Discipline
vs. Packers: Tenaciousness/Toughness
vs. Colts: Missed Opportunities

There, now we can talk about today's game.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 7 Picks

Got to make this quick- got real job work to do.

Last Week: 6-8
Season: 50-40

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Colts @ Redskins: Initial Thoughts

- Two words sum up this game and everybody has said it who is talking about this game: Missed Opportunities. 3-4 dropped interceptions, not converting short fields on turnovers for TDs, having two minutes left in the game with 3 timeouts left and not being able to convert for a score.

-Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs all time when he's on his A game. I think he played at that level for about 85% of the time last night. But, of course Manning looks like a champ when a) he has little to no pressure on him throughout most of the game and b) when most of his WRs are wide open. Both of these scenarios happened throughout most of the game.

- The times when Manning was getting confused by some rare pressure or scheme, well our DBs dropped the ball. There were at least 4 opportunities (three of the four were relatively easy catches) for interceptions and all four were dropped. Two of those drives lead to scores. The easy drop by Kareem Moore led to a touchdown.

- The run defense was also non-existent. Primarily because the Redskins ran what many call an amoeba defense. In that scheme the down linemen are sort of standing and moving around in an attempt to confuse the QB on what scheme they're really running. In particular Jeremy Jarmon was moved around a great deal. The only problem with this is that with little gap responsibility and an attempt to disrupt the pocket, the Skins created gaping holes for the Colts to run through.

- The Skins have one of the worst defenses in the league when it comes to giving up yards. The only silver lining to all of this is that they hit really hard and are able to generate turnovers. I have to think teams will hate seeing the Skins on their schedule if only because of the physical game that they'll have to play and the amount of injuries other teams have seen against the Skins (all clean plays by the way). Think how you react when you see Pittsburgh, Baltimore or the Giants on the schedule. I have to think opposing teams and their fans are going to starting seeing the Skins like those physical teams.

-It was nice to finally see a run game out of Washington. I think we would have seen even more of Torain and Williams running the ball had the Skins not been losing throughout the entire game. Personally, if we could have a game where Donovan McNabb only throws the ball 20 times, that would just make my day.

-Without a doubt Anthony Armstrong is our #2 WR at the moment. He's consistent and knows where the marker is to get that third down. I hope Malcolm Kelly is taking notes. This is what he should be doing on the field except he has a height advantage that Armstrong doesn't.

- Mike Sellers made some nice catches on Sunday and is still a special teams beast. That said, I don't think he can block laterally (key in a zone scheme) and it hurts the team. He whiffed on a block that Torain was trying to run off tackle (to the left). It could have been another huge run.

- If Albert Haynesworth only played in 15-20 snaps on Sunday, I think it would have helped. The pressure was pretty much non-existent throughout most of the game.

- There are still some serious problems with the passing game.

- Special teams have looked pretty good these last few weeks. Why again didn't we bring Hunter Smith into camp to compete with Bidwell?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 6 Picks

Oh man am I frustrated. Last week, I made a mistake over on the BGO pick 'em league. For some reason I picked the Rams over the Lions. Had I made the right pick (like I did here on IIWII) I would have been 1st place for week 5. Instead, I tied with some others for 1st. In the end I'm still 19th place in the BGO pick 'em league and I'm starting to concede that I have little chance of winning the title over there.

Anyway, enough moping. Time for this weeks picks. This week I was able to grab SHD to get his opinion for the entire slate of games, we differ in a couple of places but not much actually.

1PM Games
Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers (Push)
The Packers are really dinged up and Clay Matthews might be out this week. Had I known about Matthews before we did picks, I'd have picked Miami. I still think the Packers have a huge home field advantage and that might help them squeak by with a win.
WD: Packers
SHD: Packers

San Diego Chargers @ St. Louis Rams (+7.5)
I think this will be a close game, but the Chargers wake up and start playing some football. SHD likes the Chargers for an easy win.
WD: Chargers
SHD: Chargers

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots (-3.0)
I think the Ravens defense and run game is much better than the Patriots. SHD thinks Ray Rice will have a big game. We both like the Ravens in an upset.
WD: Ravens
SHD: Ravens

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-11.5)
Colt McCoy starts his first game at QB. Big Ben returns to the Steelers. Frankly, I like the over here for the Steelers.
WD: Steelers
SHD: Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans (-5.0)
SHD has convinced me to go with Houston, but I'm not sure. I've been burned badly by the Texans this season. Eh, I'll go with Houston but expect Matt Cassel to have a big day passing.
WD: Texans
SHD: Texans

Detroit Lions @ NY Giants (-11.0)
This could be a trap game for the G-Men, but based on the way they've been playing lately I kind of doubt it.
WD: Giants
SHD: Giants

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles (-1.0)
Mike Vick is out. The Eagles O-line is banged up, so expect a big day for John Abraham. The Eagles are 0-2 at the Linc. this season. Expect them to go 0-3 at home after this week.
WD: Falcons
SHD: Falcons

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears (-6.5)
Cutler is back and I just think the Bears will win this game at home easily.
WD: Bears
SHD: Bears

4PM Games
New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4.5)
SHD likes the champs here. I'm going with the Bucs b/c I think they'll play their game again in this one (play conservative, generate a key turnover and make the opposing team pay for the mistake).
WD: Bucs
SHD: Saints

NY Jets @ Denver Broncos (+3.5)
WD: Jets
SHD: Bucs

Oakland Raiders @ San Francisco 49ers (-6.5)
I have no confidence in the 49ers ability to win, neither does SHD.
WD: Raiders
SHD: Raiders

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings (-2.5)
I think Randy Moss still holds a grudge against Dallas. I think Brett Favre will have a better week. I think the Cowboys will have a tough time moving the ball. SHD on the other hand thinks that Dallas is way too talented to lose this game especially with the drama going on with Favre.
WD: Vikings
SHD: Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins (+3.0)
Of the last three games, this is the one that I really have the most confidence that the Redskins will win. The Colts are banged up and heading into a very loud FedEx against a Redskins team that on paper doesn't look that great but finds some way to win games. I think the Redskins win another close game.
WD: Redskins 23-20
SHD: Redskins

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.0)
WD: Titans
SHD: Titans

Last week: 10-4
Season: 44-32

Redskins News and Notes 10/16/10

(Marty Schottenheimer was right all along to fire Vinny in 2001.)
 More proof of Vinny Cerrato failure- 2008 was the first year that Vinny Cerrato was officially in charge when it came to personnel decisions. Gone were the days of the experienced coach/team president who supposedly made the orders and Vinny got the deal done. Also (supposedly) the days of owner Daniel Snyder's interference was to be reduced minimized. The 2008 draft was a draft that the Redskin fans initially thought would be a good one. The Skins had many of their draft picks and would have an opportunity to start to add youth to their roster. Fans became even more happy when the Redskins traded out of the 1st round with Atlanta to get two additional 2nd round picks. By the end of the draft, the Redskins had selected 10 players. Although the WR position was addressed (in an almost Matt Millen-esque nature), the Redskins had minimal emphasis in addressing both the depleted offensive and defensive lines.

Flash forward less than three seasons later and with the recent cut of WR Devin Thomas (the highest chosen player of the 2008 Redskin draft), there's very few of those players still with the Redskins. Even more so, there's very few of these players still in the league. Let's take a quick look shall we?

NYCC Recap Day 1

(Hey Look, Times Square!)
Before I start I wanted to mention how polite and helpful everybody in New York was to us. I think the people of New York on occasion has a bad reputation for being rude and just wanted to say that everybody at the Con and most of the people that we dealt with on the street, restaurants etc. were just great. The only glitch I had at NYCC was with the Bruce Campbell panel at the end of day three (more on that later). For the most part, I will give breakdowns of notable stuff we saw throughout the day. I didn't get to see everything and I wish I had more time to take all of the pictures I wanted to take. That said here you go-- enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minnesota Vikings- Dallas or Bust!

(The Next Super Bowl Champs or the Next Three Stooges?)

When the Vikings made a trade for the oft disgruntled but always dangerous touchdown threat in Randy Moss, they sent a clear cut statement to the rest of the NFL. We're in it to win it. It seems clear that Favre will not be coming back next year no matter how antsy football makes him or how much money Zygi Wilf is willing to throw at the aged one. His body just can't take the abuse of a 16 week (possibly 18 week?) season. Also more than likely will be that Moss will not be a Viking in 2011. No word about a contract extension has emerged, but the Vikings have already altered Moss' contract so he won't get the franchise tag if he becomes a free agent.

The Vikings are currently 1-3 with both the Packers and Bears well ahead of them in the NFC North. Let's face it, the Vikings are in dire straights. Despite having strong offensive and defensive lines and one of the better RBs in the NFL in Adrian Peterson, the Super Bowl contender opportunity is slowly slipping away. Brad Childress may be losing his team. There have been stories that Favre and Childress have had issues over play calling. While Brett Favre may be the golden boy for ESPN and writers like Peter King, it's clear that either injury or age may have caught up with him. And let's not forget the issue of Favre and the 'lil Gunslinger (NSFW- language) and all of the distractions that it has caused (more on that later this week from SHD). This week the Vikings host another "Super Bowl contender" in the 1-3 Dallas Cowboys and if the Vikings want to stay in the race in the NFC North and end the year in Dallas, they must win this game.

(How 'bout them Cowboys?)

Dallas also is in a serious predicament. Picked by many to not only win the NFC East but to become the first NFL team to host the Super Bowl in their own stadium, Dallas is now in the basement of an unpredictable NFC East.  It's not impossible for the 'Boys to rebound and we have seen some Dallas teams do this in the past. That said, for the most part during the tenures of both Parcells and Phillips, the Cowboys generally start out hot and then tend to struggle after Thanksgiving. Losing three of the first four games has put a serious dent in the Cowboys hopes to win another NFC East title. It also hurts since the Redskins, Giants and Eagles each have 3-2 records this early. While the Cowboys have a great deal of talent, they seem to lack the leadership and discipline to make any of it work.

By the end of this week one of these teams will try to get back on the right track and the other will be struggling at 1-4. Oh, well enjoy the 4PM game this week. At least the QBs of these teams know how to make a good failure pose.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ex-Redskins Have Good and Bad but Impactful Days in Week 5

Week 5 had some interesting moments and some of them came from former Skins. In some cases, what they did caused their team to win or lose. Let's look briefly at some of the Ex-Skins from week 5.

Good Day

Jason Campbell (13/18, 159yds; 1TD): The formally benched Campbell came in after Bruce Gradkowski was knocked out of the game in the 2nd qtr. While the numbers aren't that amazing, Campbell managed his offense to lead the Raiders in their first win against the Chargers in seven years.
* Bonus: Rock Cartwright blocked a Charger's punt and led to a safety (ball went out of the endzone).

Bad Day
Ladell Betts (10 carries, 44yds; 5 catches, 26 yards): The numbers don't look bad, but here's what happened: Betts had a Drew Brees pass fly off his fingertips that became an interception and eventually led to a Cardinals TD. He also had a 4th quarter fumble that was picked up and returned for a TD in the Cardinals victory over the Saints.
* Bonus* Todd Collins (6/16, 32 yds; 4 INT): Despite a horrible performance, the Bears beat the Panthers 23-6.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 5 Picks

For the past two weeks I've been .500 in my picks. 8-8 during week 3 and 7-7 during week 4. It's surprising last week because with exception to the Atlanta and NO games, I thought I had lost almost the rest of the games I picked. Maybe this week will be better, but I doubt it. 26th in the BGO pick 'em league with little chance of improving. The good news is that I'm still alive in my suicide pool. At least I get one game a week right.

1PM Games
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills (+1.5)
This could be the best opportunity for the Bills this week. The Jags are coming off a huge win against the Colts in overtime and may overlook a weaker Bills team. That said, the Bills are really bad and may be getting the #1 pick in the 2011 draft.
Pick: Jaguars

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens (-7.0)
The Broncos are inconsistent, so it's hard to tell what team will show up. It's the best pass offense in the the NFL (the Broncos, really?) vs. the best pass defense in the NFL (ironic that the Ravens have the best pass D since almost everybody has their secondary as their weakest unit on the team). I like the D and the Home field in this one.
Pick: Ravens
SHD Pick: Ravens in blow out

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts (-8.5)
Don't let the line fool you, I think this will be a tight game. KC hasn't become 3-0 by beating bad teams and having fluke wins. That said, this is a desperate time for the Colts. They need this win at home and I think Manning will find a way to get them there.
Pick: Colts

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins (+2.5)
I really didn't plan on picking the Redskins for the next two weeks but after the Philly game, this is a tough one. Do the Skins have an emotional letdown this week or do they rise up, win as a team and try to get closer to winning the NFCE? Same can be said about the Packers. The past two weeks, they've struggled with divisional opponents and penalties. The Packers have had some serious injuries on their defense and while the Skins have lost Portis for 4-6 weeks, they're getting Trent Williams back. I like the Skins here at home at 1PM (they've played better in the 1PM games over time than other games).
Pick: Skins 27-24
SHD Pick: Skins

St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions (-3.0)
Rams are 2-0 at home playing a better than record Lions. If this was in St. Louis, I'd pick the Rams. It's in Detroit. I like the Lions in a shootout to win their first of the year.
Pick: Lions

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers (+3.0)
This was going to be my slam dunk suicide pick of the week. But then Cutler gets knocked out and the Panther's nearly cost me last week against the Saints. This is Julius Pepper's homecoming, so I guarantee he'll want to beat the Panthers. Expect Clausen to be sacked many times but I think this game will be a nail biter. Still going with the Bears though, just not my suicide pick.
Pick: Bears

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Cincinnati Bengals  (-6.5)
I like the Bucs here in an upset. The Bengals will make one turnover too many and it will cost them the game.
Pick: Bucs

Atlanta Falcons @ Cleveland Browns (+3.0)
I just think Atlanta has the better team and Cleveland will have a bit of a letdown after beating in state rival Cincinnati last week.
Pick: Falcons

NY Giants @ Houston Texans (-3.0)
Texans will put up some points on the Giants D. Matt Schaub gets rid of the ball much quicker than Jay Cutler.
Pick: Texans

4PM Games

New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals (+7.0)
Might be a closer game than the spread suggests, but even a struggling Saints team beats a bad Cardinals team. Arizona has no QB.
Pick: Saints

Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys (-6.5)
A week off and at home should be plenty of reason on why the Cowboys win this game. Also the Titans run game has been suspect.
Pick: Cowboys

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders (+6.0)
I like the Raiders in an upset. SD will underestimate them.
Pick: Raiders

Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers (-3.5)
The 49ers are hosting a banged up Eagles team that will have to depend on the inexperienced Kevin Kolb to win. This is a do or die game for Mike Singletary. Lose this game and go 0-5 and I think Singletary will be the first head coach to be fired in the 2010 season.
Pick: 49ers

Minnesota Vikings @ NY Jets (-4.0)
The Jets should be able to contain the run and Revis should be able to limit Moss. Add the stories of Favre/Childress and Favre's 'lil gunslinger (rumored) pics, I have to think there will be some issues with maintaining focus for this game.
Pick: Jets

Last week: 7-7
Season : 34-28

Expect a few Delays.......Major IIWII Announcement

Hey Everybody,

Like last week, I've been busy with non-Redskins business and I really haven't had that much time to write (or I haven't been in the mood to write when given the time to do so). Last week and much of the week before I was working extra at the real job for reasons previously mentioned. This week, I was getting ready for a break and here's where it ties into IIWII.

I won't be covering the Skins/Packers game Sunday. Yeah, I am bummed. I was looking forward to the game and I do think the Skins have a chance (albeit slim- especially if Haynesworth is out) to win. So what does this mean? Well, it it means I won't be doing a game recap until the end of the week at the earliest. And I know what you're thinking "Well, you haven't even gotten around to doing a game recap on the Eagles yet!" True. And I will do one, you IIWII readers deserve it.  But there's a major reason why I haven't finished it.


I'm on vacation from the real job this week. But that's good news for you the readers of IIWII. Why? Well, I'm at the 2010 New York Comic Convention (NYCC). The con ends Sunday afternoon, so I should have enough time to catch Football Night in America and be able to watch Eagles @ 49ers. I'm hoping to get to the Eagles recap done early this week and have the Packers recap done before Saturday.

So what's in it for you? Well, remember IIWII isn't just about the Redskins (although I'd say it's about 80% Redskins) and that we cover "other Pop Culture" and so expect some recap on the con coming soon. Stay tuned especially if you like The Venture Bros. or The Walking Dead. I had a chance to meet the creators of The Venture Bros. (Doc Hammer and Jackson Publik) and had a chance to meet creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman and will be attending the AMC panel on The Walking Dead show which premiers on Halloween.

It's late, I have some head cold/sinus/allergy thing going on (damn travel and hotel AC I think is causing the problem) and I need to be up early to attend a Bruce Campbell signing at 11. So, I'm going to wrap up with telling you that I will have the week 5 picks up before I head back to NYCC. Going to leave you with something cool I picked up at the con. Like I have mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of The Venture Bros. show on Adult Swim (aka Cartoon Network) and I couldn't resist picking up these bobble head's of The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from the Adult Swim booth (note in the video she's shaking her head sideways and he's up and down- thought it was funny).

Oh, and just in case you were curious on what the Venture Bros. is about, here's a clip from one of my favorite episodes "Tag Sale.....You're it!" (from Season 1).

More NYCC stuff coming including costumes, booths, panels, Bruce Campbell, James Marsters, The Venture Bros., Green Lantern movie, The Walking Dead, Jim Butcher and whatever else I feel like posting.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Redskins@Eagles Initial Thoughts

Game recap coming up in the next day or so. I have to re-watch this game. I missed most of the 2nd half  to attend a family outing. But I did hear a big chunk of the game on radio.

- The Redskins were much more disciplined this week than they have been all season. Not many penalties. The defense maintain their responsibilities (ie. each player did their job and didn't freelance) and the O-line blocked well.

-Speaking of the O-line, the Skins broke over 100 yards with Williams and Hicks out and with Dockery demoted for Kory Lichtenstiger. The good news is that they can be even better. There were multiple times were a guy didn't finish a block and had he did, that RB is gone.

-Is Anthony Armstrong the Skins best deep threat? It's not that Moss and Galloway don't have the speed anymore but Moss always seems to be double covered on deep passes (which explains why the Skins like to use him underneath in the slot) and Galloway tends to be a 1/2 yard away from a big play. Armstrong has been beating coverages with his route running in most of the preseason and today. If only if he kept his balance, it's 21-3 Skins.

-McNabb's numbers aren't great in the return to the Linc. I don't think it matters. His one TD to Cooley and the bomb to Armstrong was enough to solidify the win and in the end it's the win that counts. His 2-3 memorable plays led to the win so in fact McNabb showed Philly it was a mistake to trade him to a rival. Plus, the wind played a role in the game and I have to think Shanahan kept the passing snaps to a minimal.

-Clinton Portis looked like old-school CP today. He is amazing to watch. I also have to wonder if his career is coming to an end though. He is getting hurt more frequently and missed the remainder of the game with a groin injury. Have to think Keiland Williams will be re-signed to the active roster pretty soon.

- Brandon Banks is scary. If he can just hold onto the ball.....we have arguably one of the most explosive punt returners in the league.

- The $21 million dollar man showed up today. This performance is why you pay Albert Haynesworth what Dan Snyder did. Stats say only 4 tackles, but he maintained responsibility for his gaps, caused a major amount of chaos in the pocket (collapsed it many times) and caused a key hold that took the Eagles from the goal line to about the 30 yard line (see the Mike Vick injury play). I don't know what motivated him today, but the skins need to find a way to do it every week.

-Same can be said about Brian Orakpo. There are games where he doesn't get sacks, but he does get the OT called for holding and that is almost as good as a sack. I have to think Orakpo has to be one of the most held players in the game.

- Based on what I saw when he was in the game, I still think the Skins win if Michael Vick had not gone out with an injury.

- Same as it ever was for Andy Reid and his clock management under two minutes. Yes, I know the refs do deserve some blame and the NFL needs to fix the problem but Reid shares that blame also and it could have cost the Eagles a key TD.

- I'm already tired of the "how great were the Eagle fans for giving McNabb a standing O" stories coming from the press. Most of the NFL fans would be expected to do that for a legendary former player as long as the player didn't leave on bad terms. McNabb was traded by the Eagles so the fault lies with management on that. I was surprised that the Eagles fans did that though. I wasn't surprised that on the Redskins first possession that they booed like crazy.

Final Note: Man I stunk up the joint in my picks this week. I don't mind it though, the Skins won and are 2-0 against the NFCE. I'm on cloud nine.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Link for the Live Chat

Here's the link for the live chat I'll be a part of today:

Chat starts @ 4pm. Game starts @ 4:15.
 Feel free to heckle me for taking the Eagles.......
I'll be there at 4PM but may have to leave at some point for a family function,  
so if you want to read my meltdown during the game, get there early. 

Week 4 Picks

Last week I went a lousy 8-8 for a season total of 27-21. Hopefully this week will be better. Bye weeks are starting so less games to pick.

1PM Games

NY Jets @ Buffalo Bills (+5.5)
The Bills almost pulled an upset on the Patriots last week, but The Jets defense is much better that the Patriots.
Pick: Jets

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns (+ 3.5)
The Battle of Ohio continues. I expect it to be a close, tough game but I like the Bengals here.
Pick: Bengals

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (- 1.5)
Probably the most fun game to watch this weekend.
Pick: Steelers

Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans (-6.5)
I can't figure out the Broncos and neither can they. What are the Broncos supposed to be? I don't think they figure out their identity this week either.
Pick: Titans

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers (-14.5)
The Packers are going to exact some vengeance on the Lions for last week's loss to the Bears. It's ashamed the Lions are much better than 0-4. But don't worry Lions fans, you play the Skins eventually you'll probably get a win then.
Pick: Packers

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)
I'm still surprised that the 49ers have yet to win a game. Could this spell the end of Mike Singletary? I can't see the 49ers winning here.
Pick: Falcons

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints (-13.5)
Panthers just can't keep up with the Saints here. Clausen is having growing pains. My suicide pick of the week.
Pick: Saints

Seattle Seahwaks @ St. Louis Rams (+1.0)
No Steven Jackson and happy about the win against the Skins spells loss to me.
Pick: Seahawks

4PM Games

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+8.5)
Colts should win this one easily. Watch me be wrong about the Jags again.
Pick: Colts

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders (+3.0)
A few weeks ago, I would have thought this would have been a blow out. Still think the Texans win, but it may be much closer than you think.
Pick: Texans

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles (-6.0)
Is the loss to a bad Rams team the death knell for the 2010 Redskins season like a week three loss to a bad Lions team was for the 2009 Skins? I don't know, but it's not a good sign. Expect McNabb to have a good day, the only problem is that outside of Cooley and Moss who's going to catch the ball? The last few years the Skins haven't been able to run the ball on the Eagles, so I don't expect anything new there. Mike Vick is going to beat our defense silly. I wouldn't say it's impossible for the Skins to win here, but I don't see them winning.
Pick: Eagles; final score 37-24

Arizona Cardinals @ San Diego Chargers (- 8.5)
I just don't give a crap about the Chargers. They've cost me for two of the first three weeks. That said, I don't think that much of the Cardinals this season either.
Pick: Chargers

Sunday Night Football

Chicago Bears @ NY Giants (-4.0)
The Bears are the only undefeated team left in the NFC, yet the Giants are favored by 4 in this game? The Giants got embarrassed by Titans last week and only looked good against a really bad Panthers team. I don't get the spread on this one but I like the Bears big time here.
Pick: Bears

Monday Night Football

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins (+1.0)
Miami has a tendency to beat the Patriots when you least expect them to. That said, I'm going with the Patriots here. This is the game I'm least sure about this week.
Pick: Patriots

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 27-21

Where Have I Been and What's on tap for Today

Ok, so you may have wondered what's been going on with me this past week. I haven't posted (except for a Twitter message) at all since the game recap. Have I just been ducking the Redskins? Have I been just fuming over the Rams loss and refusing to post? Have I given up on the coverage of the Skins on IIWII?

Nope. Not at all.

I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to the Eagles game today. I don't like where the Redskins are as a team right now and I don't like where the Eagles are as a team. This game has one of those bad smelling "moral victories" that we've had over the years with both Gibbs and Zorn. We lose, we play hard......but the end result is a loss and then people will defend the Skins by saying they played a good team and are getting better. Frankly, I'm sick of that bull****. The team was supposed to start winning now, that's why the Skins didn't go in full rebuild mode in the first place. I have a article on the Skins I would like to write about why the team is failing. Trust me, I don't think scheme has anything to do with's personnel and even if we were in the 4-3 I think this team would struggle this season on the D-line.

So back to me. I've been working for the past 6 days. We had some staffing issues at my real job (I don't make any $$$ with IIWII so I have to work for a living so you get all this content for free-- aren't you lucky?) and my boss is on vacation, so I've been picking up the slack. I've had about a 65 hour work week with most of that on my feet. I like where I work, like my staff and like my bosses but the job isn't easy and I've been tired both physically and mentally (just slept about 12 hours). When I'm tired, it's hard to sit down and type (or hunt and peck in my case, I can't type), so there's your explanation.

One last thing about my job that drives me crazy.....the damn phones!!!!!!! You're trying to do your tasks and help customers and that bloody phone keeps ringing off the hook every 5 seconds. You can't get anything done. And when you answer the phone, then you have to deal with that person's problems. I swear one of these days I'm going to buy one of those phones from my boss and do this to it.

(warning: NSFW language)

Now that I got that off my chest, on to what's going on today.

Got weekly picks coming up. I'm so behind, I haven't even gotten around to my BGO pick 'em league stuff yet and my suicide pick over on ESPN. It will be up before the 1 'o clock games. If I have time, I will do the write up on what I see is wrong with the Skins (and why it probably won't be fixed this season). I will be part of a live chat today over at Lot's of other bloggers will be on there as well. Pop on by and say hi and watch me make these comments all day:

Walking Deadman: Arggggggghhhhh!!!!!
Walking Deadman: Make a tackle, tackle that guy
Walking Deadman: Catch the damn ball Joey Galloway
Walking Deadman: Another false start
Walking Deadman: Our Defense sucks.

- didn't I say I wasn't hyped up for this game?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Deadman Hasn't Gone Anywhere.......

And IIWII will be back to form this weekend. It's been a very long week and I'm tired, but it's over and I'm ready to write......

.....More coming up and a very big announcement about the blog is coming soon.