Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Colts @ Redskins: Initial Thoughts

- Two words sum up this game and everybody has said it who is talking about this game: Missed Opportunities. 3-4 dropped interceptions, not converting short fields on turnovers for TDs, having two minutes left in the game with 3 timeouts left and not being able to convert for a score.

-Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs all time when he's on his A game. I think he played at that level for about 85% of the time last night. But, of course Manning looks like a champ when a) he has little to no pressure on him throughout most of the game and b) when most of his WRs are wide open. Both of these scenarios happened throughout most of the game.

- The times when Manning was getting confused by some rare pressure or scheme, well our DBs dropped the ball. There were at least 4 opportunities (three of the four were relatively easy catches) for interceptions and all four were dropped. Two of those drives lead to scores. The easy drop by Kareem Moore led to a touchdown.

- The run defense was also non-existent. Primarily because the Redskins ran what many call an amoeba defense. In that scheme the down linemen are sort of standing and moving around in an attempt to confuse the QB on what scheme they're really running. In particular Jeremy Jarmon was moved around a great deal. The only problem with this is that with little gap responsibility and an attempt to disrupt the pocket, the Skins created gaping holes for the Colts to run through.

- The Skins have one of the worst defenses in the league when it comes to giving up yards. The only silver lining to all of this is that they hit really hard and are able to generate turnovers. I have to think teams will hate seeing the Skins on their schedule if only because of the physical game that they'll have to play and the amount of injuries other teams have seen against the Skins (all clean plays by the way). Think how you react when you see Pittsburgh, Baltimore or the Giants on the schedule. I have to think opposing teams and their fans are going to starting seeing the Skins like those physical teams.

-It was nice to finally see a run game out of Washington. I think we would have seen even more of Torain and Williams running the ball had the Skins not been losing throughout the entire game. Personally, if we could have a game where Donovan McNabb only throws the ball 20 times, that would just make my day.

-Without a doubt Anthony Armstrong is our #2 WR at the moment. He's consistent and knows where the marker is to get that third down. I hope Malcolm Kelly is taking notes. This is what he should be doing on the field except he has a height advantage that Armstrong doesn't.

- Mike Sellers made some nice catches on Sunday and is still a special teams beast. That said, I don't think he can block laterally (key in a zone scheme) and it hurts the team. He whiffed on a block that Torain was trying to run off tackle (to the left). It could have been another huge run.

- If Albert Haynesworth only played in 15-20 snaps on Sunday, I think it would have helped. The pressure was pretty much non-existent throughout most of the game.

- There are still some serious problems with the passing game.

- Special teams have looked pretty good these last few weeks. Why again didn't we bring Hunter Smith into camp to compete with Bidwell?

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