Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minnesota Vikings- Dallas or Bust!

(The Next Super Bowl Champs or the Next Three Stooges?)

When the Vikings made a trade for the oft disgruntled but always dangerous touchdown threat in Randy Moss, they sent a clear cut statement to the rest of the NFL. We're in it to win it. It seems clear that Favre will not be coming back next year no matter how antsy football makes him or how much money Zygi Wilf is willing to throw at the aged one. His body just can't take the abuse of a 16 week (possibly 18 week?) season. Also more than likely will be that Moss will not be a Viking in 2011. No word about a contract extension has emerged, but the Vikings have already altered Moss' contract so he won't get the franchise tag if he becomes a free agent.

The Vikings are currently 1-3 with both the Packers and Bears well ahead of them in the NFC North. Let's face it, the Vikings are in dire straights. Despite having strong offensive and defensive lines and one of the better RBs in the NFL in Adrian Peterson, the Super Bowl contender opportunity is slowly slipping away. Brad Childress may be losing his team. There have been stories that Favre and Childress have had issues over play calling. While Brett Favre may be the golden boy for ESPN and writers like Peter King, it's clear that either injury or age may have caught up with him. And let's not forget the issue of Favre and the 'lil Gunslinger (NSFW- language) and all of the distractions that it has caused (more on that later this week from SHD). This week the Vikings host another "Super Bowl contender" in the 1-3 Dallas Cowboys and if the Vikings want to stay in the race in the NFC North and end the year in Dallas, they must win this game.

(How 'bout them Cowboys?)

Dallas also is in a serious predicament. Picked by many to not only win the NFC East but to become the first NFL team to host the Super Bowl in their own stadium, Dallas is now in the basement of an unpredictable NFC East.  It's not impossible for the 'Boys to rebound and we have seen some Dallas teams do this in the past. That said, for the most part during the tenures of both Parcells and Phillips, the Cowboys generally start out hot and then tend to struggle after Thanksgiving. Losing three of the first four games has put a serious dent in the Cowboys hopes to win another NFC East title. It also hurts since the Redskins, Giants and Eagles each have 3-2 records this early. While the Cowboys have a great deal of talent, they seem to lack the leadership and discipline to make any of it work.

By the end of this week one of these teams will try to get back on the right track and the other will be struggling at 1-4. Oh, well enjoy the 4PM game this week. At least the QBs of these teams know how to make a good failure pose.

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