Monday, October 4, 2010

Redskins@Eagles Initial Thoughts

Game recap coming up in the next day or so. I have to re-watch this game. I missed most of the 2nd half  to attend a family outing. But I did hear a big chunk of the game on radio.

- The Redskins were much more disciplined this week than they have been all season. Not many penalties. The defense maintain their responsibilities (ie. each player did their job and didn't freelance) and the O-line blocked well.

-Speaking of the O-line, the Skins broke over 100 yards with Williams and Hicks out and with Dockery demoted for Kory Lichtenstiger. The good news is that they can be even better. There were multiple times were a guy didn't finish a block and had he did, that RB is gone.

-Is Anthony Armstrong the Skins best deep threat? It's not that Moss and Galloway don't have the speed anymore but Moss always seems to be double covered on deep passes (which explains why the Skins like to use him underneath in the slot) and Galloway tends to be a 1/2 yard away from a big play. Armstrong has been beating coverages with his route running in most of the preseason and today. If only if he kept his balance, it's 21-3 Skins.

-McNabb's numbers aren't great in the return to the Linc. I don't think it matters. His one TD to Cooley and the bomb to Armstrong was enough to solidify the win and in the end it's the win that counts. His 2-3 memorable plays led to the win so in fact McNabb showed Philly it was a mistake to trade him to a rival. Plus, the wind played a role in the game and I have to think Shanahan kept the passing snaps to a minimal.

-Clinton Portis looked like old-school CP today. He is amazing to watch. I also have to wonder if his career is coming to an end though. He is getting hurt more frequently and missed the remainder of the game with a groin injury. Have to think Keiland Williams will be re-signed to the active roster pretty soon.

- Brandon Banks is scary. If he can just hold onto the ball.....we have arguably one of the most explosive punt returners in the league.

- The $21 million dollar man showed up today. This performance is why you pay Albert Haynesworth what Dan Snyder did. Stats say only 4 tackles, but he maintained responsibility for his gaps, caused a major amount of chaos in the pocket (collapsed it many times) and caused a key hold that took the Eagles from the goal line to about the 30 yard line (see the Mike Vick injury play). I don't know what motivated him today, but the skins need to find a way to do it every week.

-Same can be said about Brian Orakpo. There are games where he doesn't get sacks, but he does get the OT called for holding and that is almost as good as a sack. I have to think Orakpo has to be one of the most held players in the game.

- Based on what I saw when he was in the game, I still think the Skins win if Michael Vick had not gone out with an injury.

- Same as it ever was for Andy Reid and his clock management under two minutes. Yes, I know the refs do deserve some blame and the NFL needs to fix the problem but Reid shares that blame also and it could have cost the Eagles a key TD.

- I'm already tired of the "how great were the Eagle fans for giving McNabb a standing O" stories coming from the press. Most of the NFL fans would be expected to do that for a legendary former player as long as the player didn't leave on bad terms. McNabb was traded by the Eagles so the fault lies with management on that. I was surprised that the Eagles fans did that though. I wasn't surprised that on the Redskins first possession that they booed like crazy.

Final Note: Man I stunk up the joint in my picks this week. I don't mind it though, the Skins won and are 2-0 against the NFCE. I'm on cloud nine.

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