Saturday, October 30, 2010

Updates, Redskins, Videos and Other Stuff

Happy Halloween!!!!

Mood: Mopey, Grumpy and Sleepy (the other 7 dwarfs need not apply).
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I never have enough time to do anything that I really want. Does that happen to you? It sure does with me. By the time I get motivated to write it's already 10PM and I have to get ready for work the next day and I'm a slow typer (of the hunt and peck variety). I've been really behind on getting much done lately. Blame AMC's Fear Fest I suppose. I've been watching the marathon of Friday the 13th and Halloween features they've been showing each night. It's edited, so no boobies or great gore/kills, but still fun to re-watch some of the horror films I grew up watching. It's amazing how Jason has went from being uber scary to me to almost laughable, that's age for you (ah, that time thing again).

("Time" by Hootie and the Blowfish is more fitting for this post, but I'm more of a Floyd guy so here's Pink Floyd's "Time")

Work (real job) hasn't helped either. It's been kind of rough since I came back from NYCC. I'm not going into details, but there's a few things on the job bothering me and I've been working a lot. I'm tired and my body wants to crash for a day or two, but I still have work related stuff to do.

Anyway, since it's Halloween here's another pub for AMC's The Walking Dead. Please watch this show. We don't get to see that much well written, scripted television anymore. Nor do we get to see hour long dramas featuring zombies. Support The Walking Dead by watching, I think you'll enjoy it (if you like well written dramas with zombies as an obstacle that is).

Here's a very cool fan made opening credit for the show (not part of the actual show)

THE WALKING DEAD "Opening Titles" from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

If you liked the music, then you might like the video for tonight- since I'm tired both mentally and physically here's a little "Novocaine for the soul".

Anyway, onto Redskins news and stuff.
I took some nice pictures from the Colts game, especially during halftime for Russ Grimm's HOF ring presentation. Hopefully, I will have time during the bye week to get it posted. Also, I'm hoping to do a "Let's look at...." focusing on the schedule (well weeks 9-17). I'll have week 8 picks coming up later tonight (featuring SHD picks!!!!).

Tomorrow, I should be making an appearance during the Skins game over at in the Redskins blogger live chat. Come by and say hello. Also, keep an eye on WUSA's (Channel 9 in DC) Landover page. I have a separate new blog coming up over there focusing on stuff in Landover (I'm only about 6 weeks late on that blog). More details to come.....

I have more things to write about like Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, more on NYCC 2010 and a hilarious comment of the week from Kissing Suzy Kolber but I got to get some sleep-- I have a very early and very long day ahead of me.

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