Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 4 Picks

Last week I went a lousy 8-8 for a season total of 27-21. Hopefully this week will be better. Bye weeks are starting so less games to pick.

1PM Games

NY Jets @ Buffalo Bills (+5.5)
The Bills almost pulled an upset on the Patriots last week, but The Jets defense is much better that the Patriots.
Pick: Jets

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns (+ 3.5)
The Battle of Ohio continues. I expect it to be a close, tough game but I like the Bengals here.
Pick: Bengals

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (- 1.5)
Probably the most fun game to watch this weekend.
Pick: Steelers

Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans (-6.5)
I can't figure out the Broncos and neither can they. What are the Broncos supposed to be? I don't think they figure out their identity this week either.
Pick: Titans

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers (-14.5)
The Packers are going to exact some vengeance on the Lions for last week's loss to the Bears. It's ashamed the Lions are much better than 0-4. But don't worry Lions fans, you play the Skins eventually you'll probably get a win then.
Pick: Packers

San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons (-6.5)
I'm still surprised that the 49ers have yet to win a game. Could this spell the end of Mike Singletary? I can't see the 49ers winning here.
Pick: Falcons

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints (-13.5)
Panthers just can't keep up with the Saints here. Clausen is having growing pains. My suicide pick of the week.
Pick: Saints

Seattle Seahwaks @ St. Louis Rams (+1.0)
No Steven Jackson and happy about the win against the Skins spells loss to me.
Pick: Seahawks

4PM Games

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+8.5)
Colts should win this one easily. Watch me be wrong about the Jags again.
Pick: Colts

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders (+3.0)
A few weeks ago, I would have thought this would have been a blow out. Still think the Texans win, but it may be much closer than you think.
Pick: Texans

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles (-6.0)
Is the loss to a bad Rams team the death knell for the 2010 Redskins season like a week three loss to a bad Lions team was for the 2009 Skins? I don't know, but it's not a good sign. Expect McNabb to have a good day, the only problem is that outside of Cooley and Moss who's going to catch the ball? The last few years the Skins haven't been able to run the ball on the Eagles, so I don't expect anything new there. Mike Vick is going to beat our defense silly. I wouldn't say it's impossible for the Skins to win here, but I don't see them winning.
Pick: Eagles; final score 37-24

Arizona Cardinals @ San Diego Chargers (- 8.5)
I just don't give a crap about the Chargers. They've cost me for two of the first three weeks. That said, I don't think that much of the Cardinals this season either.
Pick: Chargers

Sunday Night Football

Chicago Bears @ NY Giants (-4.0)
The Bears are the only undefeated team left in the NFC, yet the Giants are favored by 4 in this game? The Giants got embarrassed by Titans last week and only looked good against a really bad Panthers team. I don't get the spread on this one but I like the Bears big time here.
Pick: Bears

Monday Night Football

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins (+1.0)
Miami has a tendency to beat the Patriots when you least expect them to. That said, I'm going with the Patriots here. This is the game I'm least sure about this week.
Pick: Patriots

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 27-21

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