Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 6 Picks

Oh man am I frustrated. Last week, I made a mistake over on the BGO pick 'em league. For some reason I picked the Rams over the Lions. Had I made the right pick (like I did here on IIWII) I would have been 1st place for week 5. Instead, I tied with some others for 1st. In the end I'm still 19th place in the BGO pick 'em league and I'm starting to concede that I have little chance of winning the title over there.

Anyway, enough moping. Time for this weeks picks. This week I was able to grab SHD to get his opinion for the entire slate of games, we differ in a couple of places but not much actually.

1PM Games
Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers (Push)
The Packers are really dinged up and Clay Matthews might be out this week. Had I known about Matthews before we did picks, I'd have picked Miami. I still think the Packers have a huge home field advantage and that might help them squeak by with a win.
WD: Packers
SHD: Packers

San Diego Chargers @ St. Louis Rams (+7.5)
I think this will be a close game, but the Chargers wake up and start playing some football. SHD likes the Chargers for an easy win.
WD: Chargers
SHD: Chargers

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots (-3.0)
I think the Ravens defense and run game is much better than the Patriots. SHD thinks Ray Rice will have a big game. We both like the Ravens in an upset.
WD: Ravens
SHD: Ravens

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-11.5)
Colt McCoy starts his first game at QB. Big Ben returns to the Steelers. Frankly, I like the over here for the Steelers.
WD: Steelers
SHD: Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans (-5.0)
SHD has convinced me to go with Houston, but I'm not sure. I've been burned badly by the Texans this season. Eh, I'll go with Houston but expect Matt Cassel to have a big day passing.
WD: Texans
SHD: Texans

Detroit Lions @ NY Giants (-11.0)
This could be a trap game for the G-Men, but based on the way they've been playing lately I kind of doubt it.
WD: Giants
SHD: Giants

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles (-1.0)
Mike Vick is out. The Eagles O-line is banged up, so expect a big day for John Abraham. The Eagles are 0-2 at the Linc. this season. Expect them to go 0-3 at home after this week.
WD: Falcons
SHD: Falcons

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears (-6.5)
Cutler is back and I just think the Bears will win this game at home easily.
WD: Bears
SHD: Bears

4PM Games
New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+4.5)
SHD likes the champs here. I'm going with the Bucs b/c I think they'll play their game again in this one (play conservative, generate a key turnover and make the opposing team pay for the mistake).
WD: Bucs
SHD: Saints

NY Jets @ Denver Broncos (+3.5)
WD: Jets
SHD: Bucs

Oakland Raiders @ San Francisco 49ers (-6.5)
I have no confidence in the 49ers ability to win, neither does SHD.
WD: Raiders
SHD: Raiders

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings (-2.5)
I think Randy Moss still holds a grudge against Dallas. I think Brett Favre will have a better week. I think the Cowboys will have a tough time moving the ball. SHD on the other hand thinks that Dallas is way too talented to lose this game especially with the drama going on with Favre.
WD: Vikings
SHD: Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins (+3.0)
Of the last three games, this is the one that I really have the most confidence that the Redskins will win. The Colts are banged up and heading into a very loud FedEx against a Redskins team that on paper doesn't look that great but finds some way to win games. I think the Redskins win another close game.
WD: Redskins 23-20
SHD: Redskins

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.0)
WD: Titans
SHD: Titans

Last week: 10-4
Season: 44-32

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