Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Game Recap: Bummed Out

(You think Mike Shanahan is mad, talk to some of the Redskin fans that went to the game. Photo via Redskins.com -Ned Dishman)
I could never be a beat writer for the Redskins. The main reason is because I can't watch the Skins get their asses handed to them. It hurts as a fan. It drives me nuts. I wasn't able to go to the game last night, so I watched it on TV. By the end of the second Eagles drive I already had the Mrs. switching to something else.

" Turn the ****ing channel, I'm sick of watching this ****!!!!! Watch whatever you want."
-Me, around 9PM last night

If you know what I'm about, you know I've always dreamed of a FedEx where we had a 12th Man like the days of RFK when the Skins were a good team. I'll just say this, if you're a Redskin fan who stayed past the 1st quarter last night, you're a braver soul than I would've been. Especially being at night in the cold rain. If you stayed past halftime, please email me. IIWII wants to honor you in some way on the blog for putting up with that crap.

Of course, I didn't stop watching. We turned the game back on and off a few more times and I kept pace of what was going on via NFL.com's game tracker in the hopes of keeping the screams of profanity down to a minimum. Either way it was sickening. It was sickening to get beaten this bad at home, by a divisional rival, in front of their a-hole fans that love to invade FedEx on national television no less.

Mike Vick was made to look like the 2nd coming of Joe Montana last night. Vick has vastly improved from his Falcon days. He actually knows how to play quarterback now, not just rely on a cannon arm to throw a ball deep and to run. But Vick can be stopped and contained, yet the Redskins made him look unstoppable. The Eagles broke records against the Skins last night (592 yards total offense and 59 points) and the Skins just looked old, lazy and pathetic.

Of course some guys always play hard. Guys like London Fletcher and Lorenzo Alexander always play hard. Some of the other guys who are trying to make a name for themselves (Banks, Armstrong, Young) play hard. Even guys who just don't fit the scheme like Andre Carter plays hard. The problem is that there are too many high paid players on this team that don't......frankly, I'm sick of it.

I've been kind of down on the Redskins since the Detroit game. The Skins have to find a way to beat good, yet beatable teams and they can't......Detroit felt like it was a sign of the end of the 2010 season. The Philly loss may have just confirmed that despite having 7 games left to play. I know I've been predicting a 8-8 schedule but there have been a few times where I could see glimmers of what this team could be. Now I'm starting to wonder if the Skins can win 6-7 games this season.

There won't be any in depth analysis this week. I'm sure Dave-O over at Staying Medium will be brave enough to go through the play by play game analysis and break down and for that we thank him. All I think you really need to know is that the Skins were down 28-0 by the end of the 1st quarter and to improve upon that the Skins only gave up 17 more points in the second quarter. That's game.

A word of advice to the Redskins (if anybody from the Redskins organization reads this blog.....I kind of doubt it): You guys better get your **** together ASAP. Fans have grown really tired of the pitiful performances we've had to witness week after week on TV and especially at FedEx. Fans had hoped that things would get better with Allen and Shanahan coming in and the removal of Vinny Cerrato. At first we thought they had, but losing like this has made many change their minds. Fans pay way too much to see their team get blown out by 31 against a good team, but a team that the Skins beat only a few weeks ago and a team that the Skins had two weeks to prepare for. Play mediocre against the Vikings at home in less than two weeks and expect a stadium full of boos. You'll deserve it.

Time for a quick The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good (Not much)
- Keiland Williams (16 carries, 89 yds 2 TDs rushing; 4 catches, 50yards 1 TD catch). Portis out. Torain out. Simpson inactive. Davis on the practice squad. It all came down to Keiland Williams to run the ball as the Skins only RB. He did his best. Still has to improve upon the pass blocking and isn't really a speedy guy but he put up numbers and carried the load.

- Anthony Armstrong (3 catches, 83 yards). The Skins only deep threat on this team anymore.

- London Fletcher (13 tackles, 9 solo). Deserves to be on a better team than this one.

The Bad (Plenty of that)
- Mike Shanahan. Clearly did not get this team ready to play after the bye week. I blame the HC primarily for that. Took a risk and inactivated Chad Simpson and failed miserably as Torain went down during warm ups by re-aggravating his hamstring.

- Kyle Shanahan. After being down 7-0 decided to run three straight times for a 3 and out. Never got much better after that.

- Jim Haslett. The D was toasted.....period. What makes it worse is how well the Skins handled the Eagles last time.

- Donovan McNabb. Numbers aren't that bad. The three INTs were just horrible. Still hasn't earned that extension in the eyes of many Redskin fans. Just doesn't look like the guy who gave the Skins fits over the years.

- Joey Galloway. Catch the damn ball. It still amazes me why Galloway is on the roster, yet Devin Thomas was cut and a kid like Terrence Austin is stuck on the practice squad. Galloway hasn't done anything since week 2.

- Albert Haynesworth. This .gif pretty much sums up his career here. Every time you think he's going to be a non-stop domination, you get this:

- LaRon Landry. Looked like the Landry from 2007-2009.

The Ugly
- 3rd down conversions haven't gotten better, if anything they've gotten worse. 0 for 10 last night.

- The Skins are now 2-1 in the NFCE as still have the Giants at home and both the Giants and Cowboys on the road.

- The Skins fall to 3rd place in the NFCE. The Cowboys are only two games behind the Skins at this point. The Eagles and Giants however, are tied at 6-3 for 1st in the NFCE, just liked the media was hoping for.

- Silver lining: 1st game the Skins have scored  28 points this season and 4 touchdowns.

- I'm picking against the Skins every week until they win again. Based on last night's performance, I'm not sure if they will win another game this season.

Next Sunday.....at the Titans


Dave O said...

"If you stayed past halftime, please email me. IIWII wants to honor you in some way on the blog for putting up with that crap."

Left at the 4th quarter 2 minute warning. Cash is fine.

JD said...

Managed late third quarter until the Eagles went up 50-something.

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