Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Memoriam......the Redskin Fans Who Stayed

This will be the final commentary on the MNF blowout by the Eagles. What's been lost in the mix of things isn't the fact that the Redskins looked slow and mediocre against a divisional foe or that they fell to under .500 that week and the chances of any playoff berth look slim. No, it's the Redskin fans who actually stayed through most of the game. It's not easy to watch something like that and it's even harder to put up with that live in front of Eagle fans no less. Plus, it's hell to drive home after something like that, especially if you live an hour or so away. You're pissed/upset, stuck in traffic and tired after making the trip up there and spending hours of tailgating and being at the game.

And it less.

So for those who made it past halftime, I'm pretty impressed. If it wasn't the score that made you leave I'm sure Billy Ray Cyrus playing Achy, Breaky Heart (I'm guessing he played it, I wasn't there) probably would have done it. So here's to you. You suffer for your fandom and remained to try to root the team towards something. Maybe you just stayed to watch the disaster as history was made......either way you stayed and bore witness to something that we hope we'll never see again in our lifetimes.

IIWII wants to reward a few readers here for that.......

Here's the deal. I don't make any money for my posting/creation that is IIWII. I didn't like the ads getting in the way of content. I wasn't going to make much if I had kept them and I really don't get enough hits to make it worthwhile. There are other reasons but those are a few.
My point is that I don't have funds from the site to give thank yous to a lot of people and they would come out of my pocket but I want to thank a few Skins fans.

In the Skins/Eagles recap I mentioned for anybody that stayed past halftime to email (or leave a comment) and I would find a way to thank you. Dave at Staying Medium suggested cash (*I know you were joking*). Cash is good idea. I figured I would make it Redskins related though. So here's the deal: Redskin fans who stayed past halftime, please email/comment/twitter me and your name (or handle) will be added to this post in honor of you putting up with one of the worst games in Redskins history.

For the 1st 5 people who get up with me, I'm going to buy you a beer (only those 21 and older mind you)/ soda/water/Johnny Rocket's shake etc. . That's right a beverage of your choice up to $10 is on me. We've already gotten two people (JD and Dave), so 3 more people are eligible. Details will be forthcoming to those who win (so try to email/twitter me, it will be easier to get up with you that way). Thanks for staying and supporting the Skins and thanks for reading IIWII.

To Those Who Stayed.....We Will Not Forget


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