Monday, November 8, 2010

Phillips Fired....How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

(Finally put out of his misery.)
It has not been a good year for the Dallas Cowboys. The team that supposedly had turned around the franchise with a win against the Eagles in the playoffs last season have now fallen to an abysmal 1-7 (after being destroyed by the Packers last night). The 2009 Redskins had a better record at this point last year in their quest to fail at 4-12.

Remember this was the team that was supposed to play in the 1st ever Super Bowl hosted in their own stadium. And yet, at this moment they're more likely to get the #1 overall pick in the 2011 draft instead. I can't say I feel sorry for the Cowboy fans. When the Cowboys are winning they are down right obnoxious and the media coverage is ridiculous. It's no surprise to talk to fans of other non-NFCE teams and find that enjoy the Cowboys failures as well.

So this sound pretty much sums up the Cowboys' season.

Remember, we first saw where the 'boys were heading all the way back in week 1 on this single play (also notable is that 31 of 32 teams probably wouldn't have run that play based on the situation).

Now the only question one has to ask is who will be the next head coach?
Early rumors indicate John Fox or Jon Gruden.

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