Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 10 Picks

OK. So 0-1 so far this week as I thought they would pull an upset on the Falcons.Almost was right except for the final minute of the game.....oh well.

Anyway, time for the rest of your week ten games.
Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins (+1.0)
The Dolphins don't play well at home this year, it's the debut  of Randy Moss as a Titan and Chad Henne has been benched for Chad Pennington. I like Chris Johnson to have a good day today.
Pick: Titans

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (+1.5)
I want to take the Bears here. I really do. But the Vikings look like they may have gotten a spark back to be closer to the 2009 team than the 2010 team. Plus, I don't trust Jay Cutler. I expect "The Mope" to make at least 1-2 big mistakes in this one.
Pick: Vikings

Detroit Lions @ Buffalo Bills (-3.0)
Colder weather plus no Jason Hanson and no Matthew Stafford. I have to believe that the Bills will win one game eventually. They're bad but not 0-16 bad. The Lions are giving them an opportunity to win here.
Pick: Bills

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.0)
Can Jimmy Clausen save the Panthers this year? Will Devin Thomas ever get a chance to be on the active gameday roster? Do the Panthers have a chance here at all? *Shakes Magic 8-ball* It says: very doubtful.
Pick: Bucs

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.0)
I like the Texans here primarily because I think they have more weapons. I can never figure how the Jags are going to play from week to week.
Pick: Texans

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns (+3.0)
I think this will be my upset for today. I'm a big fan of Colt McCoy and I think the Browns may be able to do enough to outscore an anemic Jets offense.
Pick: Browns

Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts (-7.5)
Colts get back on the playoff track today. Marvin Lewis gets closer to being fired.
Pick: Colts

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos (+1.0)
Broncos just aren't much right now, I like the Chiefs to rebound from the loss to the Raiders last week.
Pick: Chiefs

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants (-14.0)
I would like the Cowboys to win here for two reasons (knock the Giants down a peg, lose draft ranking) but I can't see that happening in the Jason Garrett era.
Pick: Giants

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals (-3.0)
Seahawks have a QB issue. So does Arizona, but they're doing alright with Derek Anderson right now.
Pick: Cardinals

St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers (-6.0)
The Rams have shown to be excellent at home.....the road, not so much. I like that Troy Smith is starting for the 49ers as well.
Pick: 49ers

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-4.5)
Patriots are young and a very up and down team. The Steelers may be the best team in the NFL. I like the Steelers at home here. Should be a good game to watch.
Pick: Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins (+3.0)
I've only picked against the Skins once this season. It was when the Skins were coming off a bad loss to the Rams and facing a really good Michael Vick Eagles team. The Redskins coming off a bad loss to the Lions and a McNabb benching are at home facing a really good Michael Vick led Eagles team. Last time, I challenged the Skins to prove me wrong. I'm doing it again. I am more than willing to eat crow if they do it again Skins, prove me wrong and go 3-0 in the NFCE!!!!
Pick: Eagles 24-13

Last Week: 9-4
TNF (week 10):  0-1
Season: 77-54

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