Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 10: Thursday Night Football

Only Ray Lewis could do a commercial so bat-**** insane that it will sell tons of Old Spice. Really, let's look at this video really quick.

- Ray talks to his teammates about having "The Heart of a Champion" and then pulls a Temple of Doom (or something from Mortal Kombat) by ripping out his heart.

- Ray's heart is a stick of old spice, that contains a tiny universe that looks like the one from Men in Black.

- Ray then eats the universe, grows multiple heads and shoots lightning out of his mouth

If you don't fear that you just dropped some acid after watching this, either you just did drop some acid or something is seriously wrong (Ignore the voices in your head!!!!).

Anyway, tonight is the debut of 2010's Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. It's a good matchup with the Ravens facing the Falcons. I know this is a big game for SHD in that not only do the Ravens need a win to keep up with the Patriots, Jets and Steelers but also it's the first meeting between Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan who were drafted in the same year.

Falcons are favored by one, but I like the Ravens in this one. I think Ed Reed will make a big INT late in the 4th quarter to make the difference in the game.

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