Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 9 Picks

Not sure what to do with myself with no Redskins on the TV this weekend. I'll probably stay in and watch the Red Zone channel and catch up on some sleep. I've been doing pretty good the last few weeks and with the Skins not playing, I'm hoping that I'll get an extra win today. Okay, here are you're week 9 picks.

Bonus: SHD picks added!!

1PM Games
NY Jets @ Detroit Lions (+4.0)
I almost had the Lions here based on last week's performance. But after I thought about it, I went with the Jets. The Jets O-line is much better than the Skins and they have a better run game. Also, the Jets have a more solid D. Expect Matthew Stafford to return to reality this week.
Pick: Jets
SHD Pick: Lions

Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens (-5.5)
The Dolphins have a better away record than home record. That said, it's cold and breezy in Baltimore today perfect weather for the Ravens style of football. I don't think the Dolphins have a chance in this one.
Pick: Ravens
SHD Pick: Ravens

New England Patriots @ Cleveland Browns (+5.5)
Darth Hoodie always wants to win this game. One, it's revenge on the team that fired him. Two, it's Eric Mangini who blew open the whole Spygate saga. IF this was earlier in the season, I might think this would be close. I don't now.
Pick: Patriots
SHD Pick: Patriots

San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans (+1.0)
Again, I almost had Houston here. But then I thought about Phillip Rivers and the Chargers passing game against a real bad Texans pass defense. Despite Norv Turner, I have to take the Chargers here.
Pick: Chargers
SHD Pick: Chargers

Chicago Bears @ Buffalo Bills (Toronto) (+2.5)
Even with the BYE for Chicago, this may be the game where the Bills finally find a way to win. Either that or they'll blow another one at the end (and I'll lose a game).
Pick: Bills
SHD Pick: Bills

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings (-9.5)
The spread on this one is a joke and there is no way I would take Minnesota favored by more than nine. That said, I just don't think Derek Anderson is good enough to lead the Cardinals to a victory.
Pick: Vikings
SHD Pick: Cardinals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons (-8.5)
We start to see a little separation in the NFCS after this game as the Falcons take this one.
Pick: Falcons
SHD Pick: Falcons

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers (+7.0)
I'm more interested to see if Devin Thomas is active for today's game more than anything.
Pick: Saints
SHD Pick: Saints

4PM Games
New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks (+5.5)
No Hasslebeck and the 'Hawks are playing a tough front seven. Welcome to the NFL Charlie Whitehurst, this will probably be a long day.
Pick: Giants
SHD Pick: Giants

Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles (-1.0)
I like the Colts to sweep the entire NFCE this season.
Pick: Colts
SHD Pick: Colts

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders (-3.0)
This is a tough one. I'm going with the Chiefs though because I think they know how to win better than the Raiders at the moment.
Pick: Chiefs
SHD Pick: Raiders

Sunday Night Football
Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers (-7.5)
Packers are still dominant despite the injuries. Dallas couldn't win before Tony Romo got hurt and they won't tonight either.
Pick: Packers
SHD Pick: Packers

Monday Night Football
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5)
Carson Palmer vs. the Steelers D does not favor the Bengals. I also expect Big Ben to toast the Bengals secondary at least once.
Pick: Steelers
SHD Pick: Bengals

Next week, we'll have two weekly pick columns as Thursday Night Football premiers as the Ravens face the Falcons.

Last Week: 9-4
Season: 68-49

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