Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear NY Giants, Please Fire Tom Coughlin

(Tom Coughlin doing his best Sam Kinison impersonation. Image via.)
Tom Coughlin has one year left on his contract after this season and the rumors have been swirling that the Giants are considering letting him go by the end of the season. There are rumors that Bill Cowher is interested in the job if it became available and the media and some Giant fans seem to like the idea.

So, here's my take on the situation:


I, being a Redskins fan, would love to see Tom Coughlin fired.
Since Coughlin has taken over as head coach of the Giants (2004), the Redskins are 3-10 against the Giants. After next Sunday, the Skins could be 3-11. The Giants in that run has only lost 1 home game to the Skins (2007, The Todd Collins led/Sean Taylor inspired playoff run in some of the craziest wind I've seen in a game). The Skins also haven't beaten the Giants since 2007.

Not to even mention the many blowouts by the Giants have had over the Skins in that run 36-0 (2005), 45-12 (2009) and 31-7 (2010).

So what would a guy like Bill Cowher bring to the Giants? Well, he's been very successful in the NFL. He has 1 Super Bowl championship and has been to two Super Bowls. However, here's the problems. First, Cowher runs a 3-4, the Giants run a 4-3 base and as a Redskin fan of 2010 I can tell you that the transition is not nearly as easy as it has been suggested. Second, before Cowher got his ring he was getting called a choker by many opposing fans b/c of his inability to get the Steelers from the playoffs to the Super Bowl. Think the AFC version of Andy Reid. Third, Cowher has been out of the league for four years. It doesn't seem that long and Cowher has still been involved in the league on the CBS pre-game show. That said, being a head coach is rigorous and I seriously doubt that Cowher watches the same amount of game film that he used to watch. Also, New York is a whole different level than Pittsburgh in its fan base and media attention.

So please Giants, get rid of a guy that has coached his team to kick the Redskins butts for almost a entire decade. I welcome a change and I would enjoy a Shanahan/Cowher re-match from time to time.

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