Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Recap:Redskins @ Giants

Wow, two weeks in a row I almost called the scores perfectly. This week I got the teams right. Skins fall to the Giants 31-7. I had the Giants winning 31-9, so the Skins actually scored a TD in the game is good I suppose. This game was no surprise for many knowledgeable Skins fans out there. The Giants have played the Skins incredibly well at The Meadowlands through the past decade. The Giants run the ball well. The Giants have a very nice D-line and have a nasty pass rush.

Apparently, the Redskins haven't been able to figure that out yet.......

The only way the Skins would win this game on the road is that they play an excellent game with few mistakes and hope the Giants make a few mistakes of their own. Instead we see 6 Redskin turnovers, 4 sacks (by the Giants) and a dozen or so missed tackles. Same old story really by the defense: can't stop the run, can't put any pressure on the QB. The offense has a similar problem, they can't run the ball and have difficulty protecting the QB for any length of time.

This game was pretty much more proof that the Skins have a ways to go on both sides of the ball with their linemen to get where they need to be. Let's make this quick with some The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good 
- James Davis (9 carries, 40 yds; 3 catches, 41 yds). Not a great game, but when there wasn't much good for the Skins you take what you can get. We need to keep an eye on Davis to see if he has a future here in D.C.

- Anthony Armstrong (6 catches, 97 yds; 1 TD, 1 Fumble). I was tempted not to put him here based on the fumble, but Armstrong was wide open many times and scored the lone TD. I guess you can overlook the fumble for the lone highlight of the game I suppose.

- Chris Cooley (6 catches, 61 yards). Another nice game by Cooley, yet also tarnished by a fumble. What made him stand out was how Cooley was stopped short of a 1st down, broke a tackle and then ran down the sideline when many would have just gone out of bounds.

The Bad
- O-Line. Another game, another poor performance in creating holes and protecting the QB. Gave up 4 sacks. Heyer and Brown really struggled out there today in particular. No way should Stephon Heyer be playing left tackle unless he's facing a 2nd or 3rd string DE or OLB.

- The Defense. Hard to blame any particular person because every time I watched a play, somebody missed a tackle (notables: Reed Doughty, Brian Orakpo, Maake Kemoeatu, Lorenzo Alexander), London Fletcher seemed to get blocked on every play and there was no penetration or pressure in the pocket by the D-line or any blitzers (of course no sacks).

- Phillip Buchanon. Benched for Kevin Barnes after being dominated by Derek Hagan (7 catches, 65 yards). Silver lining is that Barnes gets some playing time to be evaluated. We know what Buchanon can do and he's a pretty good nickle corner. Maybe less of a #2 but a good nickle back this year.

- Donovan McNabb ( 2 INTs; 3 fumbles, 1 lost). The INTs were bad. Especially the 1st one when McNabb throws into the end zone to a double covered Moss. At that point the game was 28 to 7, had the Skins found some way to score, maybe it would have made the loss less embarrassing.I know McNabb had a lot of pressure on him, but he has got to do a better job of holding onto the ball. Jason Campbell had the same problem with fumbles and it drove everybody crazy.

The Ugly

- Typical Redskin fan anger here and here. Not that bad compared to other games I suppose.

- Devin Thomas, had a pretty good game as a special teamer for the Giants. He partially blocked a Hunter Smith punt (Net 8 yards). Made a nice tackle on Terrence Austin on a kick off and downed a punt for the Giants inside the 5 yard line. Overall, Thomas has become quite a good special teams specialist. The problem is that when you are the Redskins and you draft a WR high in the 2nd round, you expect more than special team performances by the time that player is in his third year. Thomas has yet to make a catch in 2010. That is not good for a guy you'd hope would eventually be Santana Moss' replacement. His prospects as a WR in the league aren't looking that good. You wonder if Thomas is another Desmond Howard........
I know, I know we could have had DeSean Jackson........
Speaking of  bad moves made by Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato.......

Enough Already!!!!!
One of the reasons why this franchise is a failure

(Yep, this guy again!!!)
When you bring in a guy with a $100 million dollar contract with $40 million guaranteed, you'd expect the guy to be in almost every down and be a regular contributor. Instead he's been know for the headlines he's made off the field than on it. Now maybe you can argue that Haynesworth didn't sign on to play 3-4. That's fair, but the Skins wrote a clause that he could void his contract if he paid back the $21 million bonus. It's clear by now that Haynesworth wasn't worth the money, despite his occasional domination when he feels like playing. When Mike Shanahan came here, he was trying to bring a new era to DC, instead he's having to deal with the remains of the Vinny Cerrato (really Dan Snyder GM) era. This non-stop soap opera has yet to end and I personally can't wait for 2011 to get here so the drama will (hopefully) finally conclude. At this point all Haynesworth can be to this team is a distraction and a PR nightmare.

- Comment of the game:
” I’m tired of it.  I know a lot of people are tired of it.  I know you guys are tired of it, covering a terrible team like this.”
 -Brian Orakpo (via DC Pro Sports Report)

- Hopefully a sign of good news for the upcoming draft. Bruce Allen mentioned on the Redskins Radio pre-game show that "the game" hasn't changed much over the years and that its won starting with the performance of the O and D lines. Does this hint that the Redskins will push hard during Free Agency and The 2011 Draft for O and D linemen. I hope so. I would argue right now that the Redskins could use at least 1 new starting DE, a starting NT, 2 OGs and a new Center. That's not including depth at those positions.

-Is anybody really surprised by the out come? Let's look at the last decade of the Skins @ the Giants:
2000: W16-6
2001: L 23-9
2002: L l 9-17
2003: W 20-7
2004: L 20-14
2005: L 36-0
2006: L 19-3
2007: W 22-10
2008: L 16-7
2009: L 23-17
3 out of the last 10 were wins. Skins need to figure out how to beat the Giants at home.

Next Week, back at home to face a Buccaneer team hoping to make the playoffs. Come back for the fun that will be out in the cold at FedEx.

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