Sunday, December 12, 2010

Initial Thoughts: Bucs @ Skins

- Just got home a few hours ago from the Monsoon at FedEx. The day was wet, cold, wet and insanely miserable. And that was before the Redskins started playing.

- The Skins should have had this game put away in the 1st quarter. If you're a Bucs fan you have to be happy that you got away with a win at FedEx. It wasn't because of great play by your team; it was because the Skins just stunk up the joint each and every time they had an opportunity. Trust me, if this was a playoff contender like the Falcons, Saints or Eagles they would have been up 21-0 very early.

- Those FG misses by Gano are inexcusable. Whats even worse is that he almost missed the extra point (nearly hit the left upright) and the 25 yd FG (also nearly hit the left upright). Is he injured? What's going on? The Skins need some answers ASAP. I like Gano and think his kickoffs have been great, but it only took 1 shank like that by Suisham last year to him fired. This is not good.

-Speaking of hot seats......since the Skins are in the evaluation process, I really think Danny Smith is in trouble. Another holding call during a Banks run, 2 short FGs missed and a botched extra point. This has not been a good year for his unit.

- Donovan McNabb's final drive to tie the game (and almost did) reminded me of the Donovan McNabb that I used to hate drove me crazy when he was an Eagle. That's a good thing. He led the Skins down the field like it was nothing and scored with little effort. I hope we see more of that McNabb next season.

- Now that the Skins have lost their 8th game will we see more playing time for young players/rookies like Terrence Austin, Jeremy Jarmon and Erik Cook?

- Albert Haynesworth who? He wasn't missed today. Note to Redskins Radio: please stop with the Haynesworth conversation. Frankly, we don't care anymore.

-Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams look like they'll be the key running backs in 2011. My only concern is injuries. I wonder if the Skins keep 4 HBs next year?

- Despite feeling the game slipping away the only time I really became angry was with the lousy calls and a few non-calls by the refs (only all 30,000 that were at FedEx saw the blatant hold on Orakpo during the TD catch by KWII). Dear refs., the Skins are experts in losing games by their selves. They don't need your help in that area.

- 'Tana Man. As a insanely loyal fan of the Redskins since 1986, since 1992 I can feel your frustration and pain. Games like this kill me and I can imagine what it's like losing a game like this especially when you had a good day and just scored the game tying TD to see it all go to waste.

- Tampa did a good job with half-time adjustments to slow/stop Ryan Torain and the Zone blocking. The Redskins on the other hand, did not. Where was the play action pass? Where was the over the top passes and slants to counter Tampa crowding the LOS? Did the Skins even make any adjustments?

- Is Donovan McNabb really healthy? He's on the injury report with a hamstring injury. We didn't see much of the bootlegs in previous weeks. Many of his passes today were really low and short (not just the classic 1 hops that McNabb throws once a game). Then there's the Jay Glazer report that 980 mentioned about McNabb looking bad and Rex Grossman possibly taking over. Before this gets blown up (again), can we get some honesty on what's wrong with McNabb.

- This game and in particular the Redskin's first offensive drive sums up the Redskins 2010 season.

- I think this may be one of the least attended games that I've been to at FedEx. While the lower bowl was relatively full, the upper bowl looked like it was at about 20% capacity. It took me longer to get to my car from my seats than it took me to get out of FedEx today. Yet, the crowd was loud at times for those who stayed.

- This season is over, I'm getting ready to start prepping for the draft.

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