Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time to Start Doing Your Homework.......

I'm not expert in drafting players. Nor can I project what the Redskins will do with any/all of their picks. What I can say is that it's now time to start doing your homework if you have any interest in who the draftees may be this year for the Skins.

I hate to tell you this because like many of you I believe that we need to spend almost the entire draft picking O and D linemen that will fit the schemes, but I think the Skins will take a QB with their 1st round pick this season.
Unlike other outlets BS rumors and reports that the Redskins are "tanking it" to get the highest draft pick, I do believe that they will have a very hard time winning another game with the Skins traveling to Jacksonville to play a Jaguars team that is desperate to keep their playoff hopes alive and then facing the Giants at home on January 2nd.

If that's the case, the Skins end the 2010 season with a 5-11 record. That means that the Skins could be eligible for a draft pick as high as #2 overall (as of today). I doubt that will happen, but it's a good bet that they'll be in the top 10 and possibly the top 5 overall. They should have a good choice of talent at the position with possibly 4-5 QBs considered 1st round caliber coming out of college (of course this depends on whether Andrew Luck and Cam Newton leave school early to be eligible for the draft).

So here's how you can get ready. Start watching the players during their bowl games.
Here's a list of the bowl games schedule.  Watch them or at least some of the bigger ones to get a good look at some of the top prospects. No, I'm not just watching football, I'm doing research!!!! Always a good excuse to your significant other.

Then comes the East/West Shrine Game (1/22/11)
And the Senior Bowl (1/29/11)

Before you know it the Combine and the 2011 Draft will be here. So get started and come back in 2011 to debate who the Redskins will be taking in the 1st round. My early guess is a QB, possibly Jake Locker.

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