Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update: McNabb Jersey Back to Regular Price.......

After numerous reports coming from various sites including ExtremeSkins, PFT,, SB Nation and us over here at IIWII, the Redskins took notice to the McNabb jersey sale and sent a message over to Pro Football Talk saying that it was all a mix up.

Upon discovering a third-party vendor made a decision to reduce the price of the jerseys, we had it corrected immediately and we apologize for the error.
-Tony Wyllie, Senior VP 

 It is true that the Redskins' team store is run by a third party vendor. Just read this entry over at the Official Redskins Blog for the story about who runs the team store and their makeover of the HOF store at FedEx this past May. So maybe somebody jumped the gun, put two and two together and decided to put the #5 jerseys on sale. Maybe it's possible.......

....but I'm skeptical about the Skins when they do stuff like this. I think many fans that really follow the team as close as I do (there are still some very knowledgeable fans out there) know that usually when something like this goes down, it's not an accident. Now PFT argues that the reason is to keep some flexibility in trade talks for McNabb, but I don't think that's the case either. That ship sailed the moment Mike Shanahan benched McNabb for Rex Grossman. My guess? I think the Skins are trying to end this relationship amicably.

I think many can agree that the locker room likes/loves McNabb a great deal. Heck, Mike Shanahan has said he likes Donovan McNabb the person even though he has issues with the performance of Donovan McNabb the player. I also like McNabb. Getting to listen to him, see the work he put in the off season and how he's handled his time in DC, I have a totally different view of him now than I did when he was in Philly. So, I think the Skins want to end this with a handshake an extra $3.5 million (from the extension) and a "I'm sorry it didn't work out here, good luck in your next city." line. By taking the jerseys off sale is trying to end the "disrespect" that some people are making of this.

It's still worth noting that the Albert Haynesworth jersey is still at $39.95 and is also listed as a sale item to go with the Devin Thomas, Antwaan Randle-El and Jason Campbell jerseys on sale.

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Brian said...

I feel bad for McNabb but I actually think this whole thing may be good for him.

I wrote about it on my blog.


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