Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 15 Picks

Got to make this quick I have a bunch of articles to get done today.

1PM Games
Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)
The Browns have looked better, the Bengals are just a mess. I like the Browns here even though the Bengals are technically the better team on paper.
Pick: Browns

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys (-6.5)
2010 is over for both of these teams, what's left is evaluation, draft status and pride. Based on the last few years, I think this will be Dallas' for the taking, but who knows maybe the Skins can spark something with Grossman at the helm. I kind of doubt it.
Pick: Dallas 27-13.

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans (-2.0)
Kenny Britt uis back and I think this is a toss up game, but I'll go with the Titans here.
Pick: Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts (-5.0)
This is a desperation game for the Colts. If they don't win this one, I will be highly surprised despite Jacksonville is probably winning the AFCS.
Pick: Colts

Kansas City Chiefs @ St. Louis Rams (+3.0)
I just think that the Chiefs are a better team here and they are a fast team anyway, so they should excel on the Rams' turf.
Pick: Chiefs

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins (-5.5)
Dolphins should win this game in a close one.
Pick: Dolphins

Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5)
Tampa Bay bounces back after a mediocre performance last week in DC. They win this one in a tight game.
Pick: Bucs

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers (-3.0)
I doubt the Panthers win another game this season. Andrew Luck is theirs for the taking.
Pick: Cardinals

New Orleans Saints @ Baltimore Ravens (-3.0)
I like the Ravens here at M&T in a shootout.
Pick: Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants (-3.0)
If the Giants can control the clock and run the ball, they may have a chance to win this one. If the Eagles get ahead early, it will be hard to come back.
Pick: Eagles

4PM Games
Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.0)
Falcons are just a better team despite Qwest's crowd noise.
Pick: Falcons

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.0)
Steelers are w/o Troy and his big hair, but the Jets can't score. They won't be able to do so today either.
Pick: Steelers

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders (-6.5)
Raiders should win this game, but the Broncos are debuting Tim Tebow today, so that should be worth the watch alone.
Pick: Raiders

Green Bay Packers @ New England Patriots (-6.0)
Rogers isn't healthy. I think the Pats win at home.
Pick: Patriots

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings
I'm more interested to see if they got the stadium ready for the teams to play and for the fans to be semi-comfortable than this game itself.
Pick: Bears

Last Week: 8-6
TNF: 1-0
Season: 124-83

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