Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

(What happens next for the 2010 Washington Redskins? Photo: WD)
The Skins have been mathematically eliminated. Haynesworth has played his last game as a Redskin. Landry has been placed on the IR and the Skins cut Hunter Smith as the fall guy for the special teams debacle of this past Sunday.

So with three weeks left for the 2010 Skins' season what's left? Is there anything that the fans can be looking forward in the final games? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Of course the first few things I need to do is to get my article about the Haynsworth saga done. Then I need to finish my game recap of the Skins/Bucs game. Trust me, it's as hard to write a game recap about last week's game as it is to watch the game. And yes, I stayed right up to when Hunter Smith saw the ball go sliding through his hands. Surprisingly, the only part of me was soaked was my gloves despite the downpour of rain throughout the game.

This week is actually important in some circles. It's DALLAS WEEK Redskins fans. The Skins head down to Dallas in a battle of the worsts to determine who's going to have a better draft pick in a few weeks. It's funny reading some Cowboy fan comments on various sites. At 4-9 some of the 'Boys fans are just raving over how the team has improved. Of course this was the team supposed to host their first Super Bowl ever, so they're doing a bang up job in that aspect. The Skins could sweep the Cowboys this year with a win, but the way the Skins are playing I kind of doubt it.

That leaves an away game against the Jaguars and the season finale at home against the Giants. If anything the Skins have a better chance on the road than at home. So far the Skins are 3-3 on the road and 2-5 at home. Maybe Carlos Rogers is right and it's the fans. Actually, I think it's because FedEx does a lousy job of keeping opposing fans away with a poor product on the field. Also, FedEx seems to be one of the worst stadiums for generating and funneling crowd noise in the league. But that's another topic for another day.

So what can you as a fan do with the three remaining weeks? Some say drink heavily. Well, if you're like me in some ways, you'll be working out in your yard or doing some other activity other than wasting your time screaming at the TV. But, I'll also be listening to the games and recording them on  my DVR while I'm doing other things. I'll be doing this to start watching some of the youth of the team and figure if the have a future here in DC beyond 2010.

If you watch the games, here's a short list of players to keep an eye on: Terrence Austin, Erik Cook, Will Montgomery, Jammal Brown, Darrel Young, Fred Davis, Logan Paulsen, Anthony Bryant, Jeremy Jarmon, Kevin Barnes, Perry Riley, "Macho" Harris, James Davis, Graham Gano, Sal Palescu, Keiland Williams and Ryan Torain.

Many of these players have shown some potential or have something to prove if they want to make it to training camp. It's time to find some new "core" Redskins and some of those players above could be part of that group. It's also a good time to start watching our free agents namely Santana Moss, Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers in particular. Do these guys want to be here based on their play? Do they fit the team's scheme? It's something worth thinking about.

Also worth thinking about is the 2011 draft. Currently, the Skins have 7 picks. Of the original 7, the Skins have 5 remaining (1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th round picks). The most likely scenario is that the Skins will be sending their 3rd round pick to New Orleans (for Jammal Brown) and their 4th round pick to Philadelphia (for Donovan McNabb). If that scenario remains true, then the Skins will receive the Saints 5th round pick. The Skins will also receive a conditional draft pick from the Colts for Justin Tryon (my guess is either a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick). Plus, I would hope that the Skins would try to trade Albert Haynesworth (although it's unlikely a team will be willing to give anything for him since the Skins will eventually cut him). There is also a chance that the Skins would get a compensatory pick for a few free agents they will probably let go. The Skins need picks. They need youth/talent on the lines, WR, ILB and other positions. I'm still emphasizing a deep need on the O-line and D-lines in this upcoming draft and those areas alone could use most of the Skins current picks. The key is to start getting familiar with these players. Even if the Skins don't choose the guy you like the most, you at least know what to look forward with the player they do choose (Brian Orakpo and Trent Williams are perfect examples of players I didn't expect the Skins to get or choose, but I knew about their talent and what to expect from their skills once the Skins drafted them).

So, all is not lost. The season may be over for the Skins, but the evaluations and analysis never ends and it will give you something to feed that Redskins fix until training camp 2011 (hopefully we'll see a new CBA in place by then) arrives. And luckily for you, there will be plenty of analysis coming your way over here on IIWII.

Let's look towards the future.........


Brian said...

They weren't going anywhere in the playoffs anyway. They need to build the thing right. Hopefully, they give the whole stability thing a try. I wrote about it on my blog.


Walking Deadman said...

I think they are headed in the right direction. Case in point was drafting Trent Williams at #4. Had this been Vinny, I guarantee it would have been Jimmy Clausen. The Skins have their QB for the next 1-2 years with McNabb. Now is the time to build the lines. 2012 you start looking for the next future QB.

Let's see what Shanahan and staff does to make the 3-4 work and see what he does to make the offense succeed. This off season will be very telling about the future of the Redskins.

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