Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your Training Camp Stories in a Few Sentences (Day 2)

(There will be limited links to actual articles since this is an amalgam of everything I saw and heard yesterday)

1. Trent Williams signed early yesterday morning. 6yr/60mil. with 36 mil. guaranteed and attended his first practice at training camp as a Redskin under contract. I expect Trent to be taking his teammates to dinner and them running up a huge bill for the rookie, as is a typical practice as an NFL ritual.

2. Albert Haynesworth failed his condition test again. Ray Wright (Skins strength and conditioning coach) explains what Albert has to do to the media. Some have tried to spin it that this is pay back by Shanahan, others have said that it must be done to send a message to the team. Some have also tried to say that Haynesworth's teammates think this is too hard. Washington Post Live's Ivan Carter tried Haynesworth's test to see if he could do it-- he passed easily (Note: Carter is much lighter than Haynesworth, but he's 35 and was already tired from playing basketball earlier).

3. Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams are your staring WRs....huh?

4. Offense had a better day than the defense.

Follow John Pappas' and Brian Murphy's coverage on Extremeskins: day1 and day2
(photo by Extremeskins flickr link to site below)

Also, they/ES has a pretty nice photo gallery (I'm assuming taken by Murphy) you can look at here.
Don't forget The Redskins Blog coverage (link here).
I've been watching Training Camp Daily on Comcast so far and it hasn't been as good as previous years, I'm hoping it gets better.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Football Music and a New Logo

In honor of training camp opening up for most of the NFL teams. I found the theme music for each network's football broadcast on You Tube. If this doesn't get you pumped up for the season I don't know what will.

And you can't talk theme music without this one....Are you ready for some football?

Finally, I was fooling with a potential logo for It Is What It Is....., let me know what you think.

Trent Williams Signed

Woke up this morning to read that Williams is now officially a Redskin as he has signed a multi-year deal.
Williams said that he planned on being at training camp on time or after the first day and that's pretty much what happened. This is the 2nd year in a row where the Skins 1st rounder has signed so they can be in camp by day two (Brian Orakpo missed the first day last year).

Your Training Camp Stories in a Few Sentences (Day 1)

I've got limited posting time for the next week based on my work schedule and trying to keep up with what's going on at training camp. So, here are your day 1 stories in a few sentences or less. You can find much better depth going on on other sites.

1. Trent Williams still has not been signed. Read this article by Jason Reid to find out who filled in for him at LT and who were some of the 1st and 2nd team surprises.

2. Malcom Kelly isn't 100% but practiced today (limited). According to Kelli Johnson of Comcast he should be going 100% in practice by Saturday. Good news hopefully.

3. The most talked about Redskins story.....Albert Haynesworth failed his conditioning test and was not allowed to practice with the team. Read all theories behind it throughout the web.

- Here's a recap of Day 1 via Skinscast.
- Here's some  quotes and coverage (over at BGO)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a Good Day to be an Ex-Redskins QB

The last three of four (Todd Collins being #4 filling in for the injured Jason Campbell) primary Redskin starters Patrick Ramsey, Mark Brunell and Jason Campbell got some good news today as two of the three just were signed to new teams and the third was named the starter for his team.

It was a no brainer for the most part. Practically everybody had a good idea that when Jason Campbell was traded that he'd be the starting QB for the Raiders. It just makes sense. The Raiders finally came to that conclusion today.

Mark Brunell has been rumored to be joining the Jets as Mark Sanchez's backup for months now and today that rumor became official.

Meanwhile, with Brunell's departure from the Saints, there was a need for a QB in New Orleans and former 1st rounder- now journeyman Patrick Ramsey signed today to fill that void.

They weren't that successful in DC, but all three seemed to be good guys and Ramsey and Campbell in particular remained classy and professional despite being jerked around by the organization at times in their tenures here. IIWII wishes you the best (except when you're playing the Skins).

(Links via PFT)

The Most Annoying Story Heading Into Training Camp.......

Is Brett Favre Coming Back?

(I don't know, I just don't know!!!!)
There have been a few annoying storylines that we've been forced to read/hear about in the off-season. Here in DC, it's been Albert Haynesworth and his wanting to be paid but not wanting to play for the Skins in the process (now it appears he's ready to play). The Who wants T.O.? (nobody) game has been fun during most of the off season. The fun ended when the Bengals and the Rams finally made a play for the former locker room cancer-turned-reborn teammate with a case of the dropsies. The Bengals got their man and fans from 31 other teams rejoiced and thanked the Bengals for playing.

That still leaves Favre. While Rich Eisen and the NFL Network have some fun with the "Favre Watch", ESPN and other sites have just been going crazy on the "will he or won't he return" storyline. Even having Favre chime in from time to time about not knowing what he wants to do or if he can play up to the level he played at last year. Meanwhile, his teammates are being interviewed about Favre's return and of course we're shown the annual trek for Brad Childress to visit Favre and beg him to come back and play.
(In between his stops at Sesame Street)
Wait....what's that? We have some BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Brett Favre has made a decision.
(I've had an epiphany! I've decided that I still don't know what I want to do. But I'll still continue to make Sears commercials about my indecision.)
I think the Vikings fans who are hoping that Favre will be there won't be disappointed.  He's coming back. That's my opinion. Let's look at it this way: Favre pretty much ended last season with a lousy interception that killed the Vikings chances to win the game (with a long FG). Favre isn't going to retire as the QB who cost the Vikings the NFC championship (and possibly a Super Bowl championship) on a bad pass. He'll go out on a memorable highlight that ESPN or FOX can show ad nauseum.

Second, I think even the most die-hard of die-hard Favre fans have to admit that Favre enjoys the media attention and how players/coaches/front office staff literally beg via the media or through trips to Favre's home for him to come back and play. I personally think there will be no retirement until Favre gets a 2 hour ESPN special talking about his retirement (Chris Berman would host. Maybe it would be called The Indecision). LeBron James set the bar very high this year for media attention, no way is Favre going to get trumped by a player who hasn't even won a championship.
(Honest. This time I'm really retired. These are tears of sincerity.)
Third, this is about training camp (or not wanting to participate in training camp). If you've ever played football at any level, then you pretty much know training camp isn't fun. Favre is ancient in football years, so I can understand why he doesn't want to be out there. I can say that I can't blame him and I get that if you wear him down now, there won't be much left of the "gunslinger" come playoffs.You can argue either way about whether he should be out there or not, I just wish everybody was more honest about it.

He'll be back folks. And then there will come a point in this season where it will start all over again. Won't that be fun?

Monday, July 26, 2010

DC Pro Sports Report Annual Redskins Blog Review

If you're reading this blog, then most likely you (1.) like the Redskins and (2.) like reading blogs about the Redskins (I do too). So here is a link to DC Pro Sports Report and their Annual Redskins Blog Review. It looks at many of the blogs that cover the Redskins and gives grades on each site based on various criteria.

And yes, we are in this annual review:

Used to be the Walking Deadman Blog and now goes by this name.  Covers more than the Redskins, but the Redskins coverage is pretty damn good.  Nice read.  Check it out.  Can subscribe via RSS and follow on Twitter.  We debut it under this name as a 4STAR because it is worthy of your eyes.  It will likely be a 5 start next year, but we do not make it a habit to debut a blog as a 5 star.  All black background, typical Blogspot look.  Give it a try, go read and bookmark it."

That's a real honor and we're proud to debut with a four star ranking. We're gunning for that five star ranking next year and plan to continue making IIWII even better. Expect more photos from us (photo quality similar to the draft day party pictures) and even more content from myself and SHD.

We're always improving and with the new partnership with TBD and our current relationships with BGO and some of our fellow bloggers, we hope to be an even better IIWII as this season progresses and as we head to 2011.

Of course, we welcome suggestions from our readership and you can leave comments either in posts or you can email either myself or SHD at the IIWII email
Or tweet us on our twitter page:

Quick Reminder: Phillip Daniels Chat on Extremeskins.

Phillip Daniels will be answering fan questions on ES from 8-10PM. Here's the thread to ask Phil any questions.

Season Tickets Are Here!!!!

I was dozing and listening to The Sports Fix on ESPN 980 when I heard the sound of a large truck moving down my road. It was a FedEx delivery truck and it was pulling in my lane. The FedEx guy came up to me and said "These are Redskins season tickets, right?" and I said "ummm yeah." (in a half asleep voice/tone).

It's almost like Christmas when when you get these. Plus, it alleviates a fear that I always have about the tickets getting lost. Anyway here are your 2010 tickets and the players for each game.


vs. Bills (Santana Moss)
vs. Ravens (Malcolm Kelly)
vs. Cowboys (Clinton Portis)
vs. Texans (London Fletcher)
vs. Packers (Donovan McNabb)
vs. Colts (Brian Orakpo)
vs. Eagles (Andre Carter)
vs. Vikings (LaRon Landry)
vs. Buccaneers (DeAngelo Hall)
vs. Giants (Chris Cooley)

Interesting that there is no Albert Haynesworth on the tickets.
Also interesting was that McNabb is not on the Eagles ticket.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: TEs

Tight ends have changed the game of football within our generation. Today's NFL TE is basically a wide receiver on the O-line. Some even have burner type speed. They're an especially dangerous target in the red zone and can change the game on a single play.

With that said, TEs aren't gonna make or break your fantasy team. They're pretty good to have as a "once in a while hero" but there is a reason why most leagues only draft two. You don't really need them to win.

SHD's Top 5 TEs

1. JerMicheal Finley: You heard it here first. Combined with Aaron Rodgers, these two will wreck homes and break hearts this year. Finley did alot of damage last year and after surpassing Lee as the starter. Finley should have double-digit touchdowns this year.

2. Owen Daniels: Matt Schaub's go to guy before his ACL was tore last year mid-season. Should be healthy by opening day. Daniels is very consistent and a must start every week.

3. Dallas Clark: Clark had 100 catches and 10 touchdowns last year. Those stats are incredible. He is still joined at the hip with Manning and should still put up very good numbers this year.

4. Antonio Gates: Still putting good fantasy numbers. You can never count him out as long he still has Philip Rivers at QB. Still a top 5 TE.

5. Tony Gonzalez: Tony's touchdowns weren't as high as the previous year, but one stat did jump out at me. He had 83 catches last year which means he's still getting open. TD's should improve this year.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Chris Cooley: With a new QB under center, a new O-line and a new Head Coach, Cooley has the potential to have the best year he's ever had. Elite skills.

2. Brent Celek: Has alot of skills and now a new QB. Philly loves to target TEs, should have a decent year.

3. Zach Miller (Oakland): Its a tragedy this guy has to play for the Ray-Duhs. An awesome talent that no one knows about cuz Oakland's QB situation was horrible. Now that Jason Campbell is with him, Miller's unrealized potential should start to be realized. Campbell made Chris Cooley a household name.

Don't Pick This Guy

Jeremy Shockey:
Omg? But don't you know he's a Saint SHD? With Drew Brees... A: Yes. SHD is fully aware of where and who Mr. Shockey plays with. The truth is, Shockey hasn't done alot in his career, let alone with the Saints. He also has a hard time staying healthy. SHD says pass on him and draft a rookie if you had a choice.

Kickers next...


New Dexter Season 5 Trailer.

Both SHD and myself are big fans of the Showtime series Dexter. I haven't heard that much about the upcoming season but The Ausiello Files has a new trailer for the upcoming season.

Here it is, enjoy.

Let's Look At......The Redskins Schedule Pt.1

The schedule. Generally speaking, many fans make or break a team's season based on who they are playing. Whether a weak schedule or or strong schedule will determine if that team has a chance to win enough games to make the playoffs or to knock them out of contention. Yes, the schedule is rather important. It's important to know when the BYE week is to determine if the team gets a decent break around mid-season or if they have to run a marathon to get to the postseason. It's also important to see how many weeks the team has to play back to back road or home games. It's most important to us, the fans, who have to make arrangements to try to get days off from work or make travel plans to get to the desired venue. I know I try to get in my schedule to my bosses no longer than June to guarantee that I can get as much of these games (and the day after) off as possible.

Speaking of the schedule and how it relates to fans, I absolutely hate home games when they are Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football games. First, I have to take two days off in order to get to said game(s). There's practically little to no way I could get off work, drive up to FedEx and be ready for some football. By the time I get home it's usually between 2-3 AM, so it's kind of hard to get right to sleep and then get up around 6 AM to start my day. Second, the drunks come out. When you have a good 3-4 hours to tailgate in the afternoon/evening, then you are bound to have people who decide not to drink responsibly and become the world's biggest douchebags. SHD and I encountered that a great deal last year with Cowboy fans. But I'm not going to trash the Cowboys fans alone (I'll save that for game days). I've seen equal douchebaggery from fans of my own team and other opposing teams. While I love watching divisional games on MNF and TNF, being there is usually a pain in the ass, just because of the fans. And let me get this clear, I love tailgating.  Nor do I have a problem with drinking while tailgating or during the games. It's just that a few people ( a few in a crowd of 90,000 is about 1,000 or so people) always ruin the fun for everybody else.

I personally like the 1PM games. You get up. Stop and get some coffee and some breakfast on the way up. If you're tailgating, you have an early lunch. If you're not tailgating, you get into FedEx just in time to grab an Italian sausage (if they've been cooked) and it's game time. The nice thing of it all is that postgame you can catch the 4PM game on the ride home and (for me) be home in time to watch Football Night in America and get ready for Sunday Night Football. Anyway, enough of my ranting.....let's get to the Redskins schedule.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Countdowns

 [Technically, this is Belated Saturday Night Videos. Sorry -WD]

And it can't be a true countdown (or a Friday Night Videos) without using a song to set the tone........

Yes, I used a Europe song. Coincidentally, this is Matt Capps warm up music when he comes in to close for the Nats.

Ok, so to get you ready for football here's some Redskin countdowns for you:

- 2 days season tickets start to get shipped out to season ticket holders.

- 5 days until training camp starts.

- 14 days until Russ Grimm gets inducted to Canton and Fan Appreciation Day at Training Camp.

- 20 days until the Skins take the field against the Bills (Hooray Pre-Season!!!!!)

42 days until your 2010 Washington Redskins 53 man roster is announced

50 days until the home opener vs. the Cowboys

Keep an eye on some polls coming up this weekend......
Channel 4 (WRC TV- NBC) is showing Brothers of the Legacy- Focusing on Sam and Sonny (starting right about now)
Set Your DVRs/Tivos Training Camp Daily starts up again in a few days (July 29th)
I'm hoping to have a few more posts coming up to get you through to training camp.

Chris Cooley Is Wise.......

Chris Cooley's Words of Wisdom

(On Albert Haynesworth at camp):

"if he came back in shape, ready to play football, he'll be there two days and everyone will forget what happened"

I highlighted the "if" in particular because, that one word will make or break how things will go down at training camp. Let's say he does come back in shape and ready to play. If that's the case, then Chris Cooley is dead on about the attitude towards Haynesworth by both his teammates and some of the fan base (we're a pessimistic sort when it comes to situations like this and you can't blame us for feeling this way). Of course, I have a feeling that coach Shanahan might be forgiving but not forgetting any of this (in particular if we're talking about Haynesworth coming back after the 2010 season). Generally, many of these off season issues will be long forgotten by the first few weeks of the season if (again that word) Haynesworth can be a dominating presence on the field that many saw occasionally in 2009.

Of course there will be some stories published no matter what highlighting the problems with Haynesworth and the Skins and focus on the riff, but I won't be one of them. So, since we're so close to training camp, I've decided to pretty much stop the Haynesworth commentary until we get through a few preseason games. Actions always speak louder than words, so let's see what Haynesworth is going to do when he gets to Ashburn in a couple of days.

(Cooley's interview via DC Sport's Bog via The Mike Wise Show)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Redskins News and Notes: 7/19/2010

A quick news and notes for somebody who needs a Redskins fix for the day. I'm still working on a breakdown of the schedule as I type this out. Problem is, that it's lengthy and I have to look up some stats and other things so I don't look like a complete idiot when it comes to the key matchups and fantasy commentary. I'm through the introduction and the first 2 weeks. I hope to have it done before the end of the week (crosses fingers).

Until then here's some news and some interesting Redskins stuff I've found lately:

Mike Shanahan talks about meeting with Haynesworth before he took the money and ran and how Albert was willing to play any position......before he got the money (Sporting News) Found via Redskins Pulse.

Speaking of Haynesworth, Floppy may not be as "Fat" as people have been expecting him to be at camp. Matter of fact, he's lost 32 pounds according to his trainer (Redskins Blog).
"Words are meaningless" and Homer McFanboy explains why losing some weight won't be enough to get into the players and the fans good graces (Homer McFanboy).

Chris Cooley felt Zorn lost the locker room (Ed. Note- I agree with him fully with the time he lost it, although it looked like he got it back for a week or two as the season progressed) (DC Sports Bog).

ARE blames Dan Snyder for Zorn's failure. And a commenter (2nd commenter- no it wasn't me) in the article blames "The Invisible Man" for ARE's failure as a punt returner "Who was the invisible man holding him back when he caught a punt. Has to be the reason he danced for 3 yards and fell down." (PFT)

If you haven't seen it, here's the ad. campaign for the Skins season (in particular premium seating)
R you in?

I've seen the video on a couple different sites and Redskins Nation. Pretty cool. I'm already in, so I guess this doesn't mean that much to me. But a cool ad anyway.

Doug Farrar takes a look at some of Mike Shanahan's plays and why they'll help the Skins win. Complete with Madden-esque animations and a detailed walk through of the plays. A MUST READ!!!!!! (Washington Post). Special Thanks to ES poster authentic for finding this great read in this ES thread.

Staying Medium is having a very nice breakdown on each position as we head into camp. Here's the link to to his most recent one: Linebackers.
Like I've said, IIWII will focus on some "on the bubble" players as we make our way to/through camp and yes, I'm going to do my mock 53 man roster as well. Let's see how terribly wrong I am.

"Hell Week" is currently happening for Donovan McNabb and the WRs/TEs who joined him in Arizona including QB Colt Brennan. (Redskins Insider/WP)

Happy 1st Birthday to BGO. It seems like you guys have been around much longer than just a year. And they've got a brand spanking new logo to boot.
More stuff coming up......

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Videos: Inception is here.....Updates, etc.

I've mentioned a few times that I'm a rather big fan of Christopher Nolan's various films and I would consider two of them (The Dark Knight, The Prestige) in my top 10 favorite all-time films. So, obviously I am very much looking forward to see Inception this weekend. If it's as good as I think it will be, then I'm going to make a trip to see it in IMAX sometime before too long. When The Dark Knight opened- I caught that in IMAX and it was incredible.

Speaking of The Dark Knight, there are rumors that the third Batman film will start shooting in April 2011. The release date is supposed to be July 20th, 2012. Mark you calenders.

Anyway, here's a review of Inception by Capone of Ain't It Cool News. He's one of the few reviewers that I agree with most (not all) of the time on that site. Also, here's a link to the movie's web site (again Nolan and Warner Brothers have gone all out to make a decent web site to promote his film. The Dark Knight site and the Why So Serious? viral marketing were brilliant.) Also, they have put out a prequel comic The Cobol Job on the site and while it's not required reading, might be worth checking out.

Jeeze, as much as I'm promoting the movie, you'd think I should get paid......maybe I should run some advertisements.

Site Updates
- Expect a few advertisements to pop up this weekend. I'm going to try out Google's adsense feature to start and we'll go from there on whether IIWII will continue down the line with ads. Again, IIWII has been just fun to write and if the ads and stuff get in the way of providing content, then they'll be stopped. But if you see something worth clicking, please go and check it out.

-I'll have a poll up this weekend. Probably about Haynesworth or some other stuff.

- Still finishing up a post about the schedule, should be a good read once I get done with it. I will discuss every game with key matchups and who to keep an eye on fantasy-wise that week for the Skins.

- Like I've said before, we have plenty in store coming up on IIWII to get you through to training camp and speaking of training looks like I will be able to get down to Ashburn for 1 day. What day that will be, I have no clue but more on that (and hopefully pictures) will pop up here after I get back from training camp.

Finally, a music video......

Pink Floyd's Terminal Frost. It's a pretty cool track from their Momentary Lapse of Reason album. Interestingly enough, I heard it on the Local on the 8's forecast on The Weather Channel and figured I would share (plus the song kind of got stuck in my head).

Have a nice weekend and stay cool

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: WRs

Here's the thing, there is a new break out wide reciever every year. The guy your counting on to be your stud (cuz "expert" so-and-so on espn or nfl said he is) suddenly flops. The truth is WRs are very unpredictable so when you draft, just go with your gut.

Here's what my gut says...

SHD's Top 5 WRs

1. Reggie Wayne: One third of Peyton Manning's touchdowns went to this guy last year. This Colt gets the first look cuz he is consistently open. Can't go wrong when you draft Reggie.

2. Brandon Marshall: Huh? Why SHD? Because the newest Dolphin matched my top WR's touchdowns with Kyle Orton at QB. Nothing against Kyle, but he's no Peyton. Marshall is motivated and in a better situation with a better QB. Its gonna rain touchdowns in Miami.

3. Andre Johnson: Every single year there is someone on tv saying Johnson is the best WR. Take him first, yadda yadda yadda. Look here's the deal, Johnson could very well be the best WR ever. His stats, especially his yardage the last two years, is down right incredible. But for fantasy sake, this is where SHD has him ranked. Still elite.

4. Randy Moss: Randy is still posting great fantasy numbers, even at age 33. The thing that kinda scares me is that you don't know which Moss will show up every year. If he's unhappy, you'll be sorry you drafted him. If he's motivated, you'll tell me I should've ranked him number one. Its true though, good luck.

5. Larry Fitzgerald: Larry became the elite WR he is when Kurt Warner arrived in Arizona. Then Kurt left. Larry was half of a dynamic duo with Anquan Boldin, which left him open alot. Then Anquan left. Its hard to say what is gonna happen to Larry's stats this year. I honestly didn't want him in my top 5 because of the extreme unknown factors but if anyone can overcome these odds, Larry can. Also I felt no one else was worthy of my top 5. Enjoy.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Robert Meachem: Alot of people don't know this, but Drew Brees loves this guy. Quietly he an awesome season last year with 9 tds and helped the Saints win the Superbowl. If you can get him as your #2 its a steal.

2. Mike Sims-Walker: The last good WR left in Jacksonville. He'll get all the looks cuz he's the only one that can get open. Had 7 tds last year. Should break out in a big way this year.

3. Johnny Knox: Blazing speed + Mike Martz + Jay Cutler = The potential for a monster year. Should be able to get him cheap.

Don't Pick This Guy

Hines Ward:
A major bag with no real fantasy valve. Can only really block now (dirty) and without Ben for up to 6 games, leave him on the shelf.

TEs Next


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Really Cool Present

I recently tweeted that I had a surprise for the IIWII readers and well, this is it. This is a game worn Phillip Daniels jersey from the 2006 season that was given to me as a birthday present by the Mrs. I've always thought it'd be nice to own or to at least see a game worn jersey up close. This one is just....awesome.

I only took some pictures of it like this (from the back), if you want to see what the front looks like (trust me, you do- there's a bunch of battle damage on it including a huge gash just above the numbers) leave a comment. Two comments and I'll take some more pics.

Here's a few more from the back:

Let's Get Ryan Zimmerman to the All Star Game

You can vote for him here:

Update: Zimmerman hit 2 HRs and 1 double tonight in the 5-6 win against the Padres.....GO AND VOTE!!!

McNabb's Upcoming McFarlane...... a Redskin.

Some of you out there may be fans of McFarlane's Sports Picks. They are realistic sculptures of various players in baseball, basketball, hockey and football. The Redskins have had a few players in the football version of the line including: Stephen Davis, Clinton Portis, Lavar Arrington and John Riggins. While I still hope to see some of my favorite Skins in McFarlane form (The Hogs, Dexter Manley, Art Monk, Darrell Green, Chris Cooley and Sean Taylor just to name a few) one of the upcoming series in September will feature Donovan McNabb as a Redskin.

After the jump, a picture of the upcoming figure. It's in the burgundy jersey and the white pants, so I wonder if this will kill the rumor of the Skins going back to the gold pants of the George Allen era (of course the Skins could wear them still as throwbacks for two games this season).

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fantasy Football Rankings: RB's

So here we are with the top five Running Back rankings. This wasn't an easy task at all. There could be dozens of combinations that could arguably be considered the best of the best top five. I've made my list and here it is...

SHD's Top 5 RB's

1. Michael Turner: Oh dip, a fantasy ranking without CJ number one? Yes. Remember the number one running back going into the 2009 season? MT scored 10 touchdowns in nine games and then got hurt last year. He played a couple more, but it was clear he needed more recovery time. Bottom line he's healthy and one of the NFL's last true number one RB's. MT will touch the ball over 300 times this year.

2. Ray Rice: Rice had a great sophomore season last year, especially in the playoffs when he cut up the Patriots for 159 yards and 2 TD's. Ray Ray is about to put up big fantasy numbers cuz the Ravens upgraded their WR's big time by trading for Anquan Boldin and signing Derek Mason back as well as adding deep threat Donte' Stallworth. Can't have 8-9 guys in the box anymore. Rice takes full advantage.

3. Adrian Peterson: Super talented running back and if a game was only 2 quarters long, he would be ranked numbered one. He plays like its his last game for the first 2 quarters, then AP disappears the rest of the game. Fumbles are also a concern. Had 7 last year and 9 the year before. But Peterson had 18 TDs last year so keep him in your top 3.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew: I don't really have anything negative to say about this guy other than he's playing on a mediocre team. His yardage is getting better every year and is a constant TD machine (scored 30 in the past 2 seasons). He won't last past the first round so draft him if he lands on your lap.

5. Chris Johnson: But, but he had over 2,000 yards and 16 TDs SHD. Why is CJ so low? SHD is fully aware of what Mr. Johnson's stats were last year. CJ is a good RB with elite speed but there's more than meets the eye with this guy right now. CJ's head has swelled up so much with ego, he'll need a new giant helmet. Long story short, once he starts getting shut down, he'll either get hurt or have a "phantom" injury to protect his rep. That's if he's motivated to play good at all since he's crying about wanting a new contract. Apparently he didn't mean to sign a five year deal his rookie season. Dude is a bag but worth a top five pick.

SHD's Sleepers

1. Ryan Mathews: Who? Mathews is San Diego's first round pick this year. He was brought in to replace LaDanian Tomlinson. He's in a picture perfect situation and the potential is there for this kid to start his career off with a bang.

2. Shonn Green: With Thomas Jones going to Kansas City, Green inherits the starting job in New York with LT backing him up. Jets are a run first team and he'll get his turn to prove himself. I think he'll fair well.

3. LeSean McCoy: Similar situation just like with Green. With Brian Westbrook cut, the starting job is his to lose and he'll be set up to succeed.

Don't Pick This Guy

Brandon Jacobs: Dude is a Fantasy Fraud. He had a good year a couple seasons back then he keeps having injuries (possible CJ future). Let some other sucker believe that he'll be worth drafting. SHD says just say no!

WR's next.


Dwight Freeney Doesn't Think Much of Trent Williams (or Any Rookie OT For That Matter)

Colts starting DE and sack machine Dwight Freeney gave an interview to Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times about looking forward to playing and beating rookie offensive tackles.

"When you have a rookie offensive tackle, I can't wait. Because for an offensive tackle, you're not good until you're in like your eighth year. You've got to get beat up for a while to learn what to do and what not to. It's when you're about in your fifth through 10th years as an offensive tackle that you're in your prime."
" All these rookies coming out? They don't know anything. I can't wait."
-Dwight Freeney, From: Dwight Freeney can't wait to meet (and beat) rookie offensive tackles
By: Sam Farmer

Looking at the Colts schedule, it seems that the only rookie that Freeney will likely face is none other than Trent Williams on Oct. 17th at FedEx. Williams is facing a daunting task this season as he will be trying to protect Donovan McNabb's blind side against some of the league's best DEs/OLBs including DeMarcus Ware (weeks 1 and 15), Mario Williams (week 2), Julius Peppers (week 7) and Jared Allen (week 12).

This is why many fans were very happy to see the trade for Jammal Brown. If Williams struggles in preseason or during training camp, then the Skins at least have a option to move Williams to right tackle and play Brown at left tackle. Some have also suggested that maybe the Redskins should pull a similar move like the Ravens did with Michael Oher and start Williams at RT and move him to LT in 2011. I don't expect the Skins to do either of those things barring an injury, long hold out (remember, Williams is not signed as of this posting, but plans on being signed before or right after the start of training camp) or absolute failure.

Trent Williams was drafted  #4 overall because Mike Shanahan and his staff believes that Williams will be the Redskins starting left tackle for the next decade or so and that is where they plan to use him. It will be a trial by fire for him this year, but if all works out one hopes the Skins may have found their Ryan Clady. Let's hope that Freeney is wrong about a rookie tackle's development. Because, if true, Williams won't be good during Donovan McNabb's time here.

At least now, we have one reason to watch all of the preseason games........

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meet the Mets....... (At Nationals Park)

When you come to IIWII, I know you must think that yours truly is so fanatically obsessed with the Redskins (so much so, he would write a blog focused on them) that he has no time (or interest) in other sports. And for that I would say sir (or madame) are wrong! I'm a local homer when it comes to sports. I root for the Wizards and the Capitals. Even though I have ties to Maryland and root for the Terps, Georgetown is one of the teams I grew up supporting.  You think the Redskins have ripped out your heart for the last couple of years, man the O's did that in the 90's.

To me, baseball had gotten so bad (with the strike, steroids and either the Yankees or Red Sox being the main playoff teams) that I really quit following it for a few years. I noticed the Nationals come to DC and started to follow them as they evolved from being the Expos to being their own franchise. I watched them every once in awhile when they played at RFK, if only to bring back past glories of the Redskins winning there. Last year, I started watching and followed the team as Manny Acta and Jim Bowden were replaced by Jim Riggleman and Mike Rizzo. Then came the drafting of Stephen Strasburg and it looked like the Nats were heading on the right track. This year we've (me and the Mrs.) been watching the Nats games practically ever night since the middle of May. There's not much else on TV wise and I DVR NFL Total Access so I can skim through them whenever I feel like it. So, I've seen the ups and downs with this team. A month or so ago I got tickets for the July 3rd game against the Mets (I chose this date b/c it was a night game, plus they were giving out the Red, White and Blue Nats caps), which will be my first live Nationals game. It lucked out for me that Stephen Strasburg was pitching.