Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: Hardy is Bane, Hathaway is Catwoman

Well, the rumors of  The Riddler, The Penguin, Hugo Strange and Talia can finally be put to rest as Warner Bros. announced the signing of Anne Hathaway to be playing Selina Kyle (known by most as the alter ego of Catwoman) and Tom Hardy to be playing Bane in Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

Catwoman doesn't surprise me too much. There have been rumors floating for awhile that Catwoman would receive the Nolan-verse treatment. Also, since Bruce Wayne's last love interest (Rachel Dawes) was blown up in The Dark Knight by The Joker and the mob, it only makes sense to introduce a new lady friend/foe to the Caped Crusader in the form of the femme fatale Selina Kyle.

[Note: I never did understand why every Batman film has to have a love interest for Batman. This has happened from Burton through Nolan and it really doesn't make much sense really. Batman is trying to keep his identity secret, he usually uses supermodels and famous celebrities to help feed his fake playboy persona of Bruce Wayne.....and possibly relieve some stress. Batman is obsessed with protecting his city and ending crime. Of course he has had relationships in the comic, but does Batman have to have one in every movie and reveal his identity in each and every one? Yeah, I know it's Hollywood and a leading man needs a leading lady but that was a subplot that has had me scratching my head from time to time especially when executed poorly.]

The interesting announcement is Tom Hardy playing Bane. Many people on the internet have opined that this is a stupid move. That Bane is a gimmick villain from the 90's (a time of big events and villains created or used just to kill off or maim characters to sell books). That Bane was more of a plot device than a character worthy enough to shop up in the Nolan-verse. Many think that Bane is just a muscle bound wrestler on steroids wearing a luchador mask. The problem isn't that people are wrong in thinking that. The problem is that many have seen Bane portrayed at his worst.

Bane has already been on the big screen once as the  growling, brain-dead lackey of Poison Ivy in the awfully horrendous Joel Schumacher turd known as Batman and Robin. And even on the brilliant Batman: The Animated Series he comes off as not much more than a hitman more ready to face the like of Rey Mysterio or La Parka than Batman. Matter of fact, many comic writers don't seem to know how to write the character. Only Chuck Dixon (Detective Comics, Vengeance of Bane and co-creator of the character) and Gail Simone (Secret Six) seem to write the character in a way that makes him more layered than the average villain or anti-hero.

Bane is a smart character who has both the wits and the strength to match Batman. Where The Joker provides the chaotic balance to Batman's order, Bane is a mirror image although darker and more twisted. I can't wait to see an actor of Tom Hardy's (Inception, Rocknrolla, Star Trek: Nemesis) caliber trade scenes with another talented actor in Christian Bale.

i09 has a great breakdown on who Bane is as a character and why you'll want to see him in The Dark Knight Rises. Or checkout the storyline that made him famous in Knightfall.

I know many have bashed this move by Nolan and company and think it's a lame move, but remember many thought the casting of Heath Ledger as The Joker was a horrible move. I myself also had doubts on the Nolan-verse and went to see Batman Begins with very low expectations, but walked out of the theater very impressed (big deal for a guy that has read Batman and Detective Comics for 20+ years). So I have faith that this one will be pretty good as well.

Since I've been posting Dark Knight Rises rumors in the past, I figured I needed to follow up on some actual news and I haven't done much but Redskins/football articles lately.

More Skins news coming........

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