Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Night Videos: Radiohead Bumper Music and the Flaming C

It's been a long week and I thought with no Redskins to keep us company, here's some Friday Night Videos.

The first is Radiohead's Meeting in the aisle. I've been in a Radiohead mood this week and tried out the playlist of Radiohead's Zero's and Ones, which is basically a combination of their albums OK Computer and In Rainbows. Both are quite excellent albums in their own right but together they are pretty impressive. Also, the playlist contains three of my favorite Radiohead songs (Karma Police, All I Need and Reckoner).

By the way if I ever get the IIWII podcast going, a clip of this song would be the opening bumper music. At this point it's doubtful that you'll hear a podcast anytime soon. Don't have a co-host and I seriously doubt you'd want to hear me ramble about the Skins for an hour on your ipod or favorite mp3 player.

Next is a clip from Conan O'Brien's show. I don't get to watch much Conan thanks to the hours I keep at the real job, but I love how Conan keeps interacting with WB's animation department (ie. DC Comics animation). This has been great. This clip has Conan introduce the Flaming C, a character based off of Conan's likeness and some of his ideas (art by Bruce Timm of Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited fame).

More Redskins and football articles coming up this weekend. I've just been kind of busy to write much this week.

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