Sunday, January 16, 2011

Funny. Redskins Have Beaten 3 of the Final 4 Teams This Season.

And the Skins never played Pittsburgh........

Skins beat the Jets in week 3 of the preseason. I know it's a stretch because it was preseason, but remember that week 3 is considered the "dress rehearsal" game. This is the preseason game where you see the starting players out on the field for a large portion of the game. In the Jets case, the starters were out there for almost three quarters and in their offenses' case the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Skins also beat the Bears and the Packers during the regular season.

Go figure. Maybe the Skins really are headed in the right direction


John said...

Ahh! The silver lining of another disappointing season.

BroodingBurgundy said...

Definitely interesting, but a little misleading, I think. We played Chicago when they were completely in shambles, and their o-line has shaped up dramatically. We also benefited from the ridiculous Cutler vs. Hall pissing match, which Hall happened to win decisively. If Cutler wasn't such a prick, he would have stopped forcing the issue, and the Bears would have beaten us. Also, we got really lucky by playing Green Bay while Tauscher and at least one other o-line starter were injured, and Clay Matthews was badly nicked. So it's a cool little stat, but not at all reflective of the caliber of these teams at the most important time of the season (i.e. NOW).

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