Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playing Catch Up......Friday Night Videos

I've been without internet for about a day and a half thanks to something breaking in the neighborhood.
Plus, I've been sick (yay!! *sarcasm*).

These cold viruses always are interesting in how they work. To me, normally it starts with a sneeze. Then sinus congestion which leads to a typical head cold (or even worse a sinus infection) . Sometimes that leads to a sore throat (caused by the post nasal drip) and may spread to the chest (I'll leave out the details- but think Mucinex commercial).

This nasty bug did kind of the opposite. Cough/chest congestion first, then hitting the head and sinuses and now I have the sore throat. Again, rather interesting to me it how they work.......but that's me.
Either way I haven't felt much like writing the last few days and didn't have any internet available if I had.

So, I'm a bit behind.

Senior Bowl is tomorrow afternoon, so I plan on watching the remaining Senior Bowl practices and re-watch the East/West Shrine game. Hopefully I have some more stuff up tomorrow.

Here's some Iron Maiden to fire you up and motivate me to get some articles written........

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Katherine Josh said...

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