Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pro Bowl 2011 Did You Watch It?

The NFL doesn't fail at many things, but the Pro Bowl is one of them. It's not really the NFL's fault. It's just a game that many people don't care that much about. It kind of reminds me of one of those Dean Martin celebrity roasts that Time Life Video is trying to sell you at 3AM. Players are goofing around and nobody lays a legitimate hit (unless you're named Sean Taylor).

If you didn't watch it, don't feel bad. Many people didn't. Heck, I'm a football junkie who just watched almost every Senior Bowl practice, the Senior Bowl, the East/West Shrine game and in a few weeks every bit of the incredibly boring Combine and I only got through the first five minutes of the 1st quarter and the final 8 minutes of the 4th quarter of this game. We wound up watching the SAG awards.........there is nothing on TV tonight.

Since three Redskins did play in the Pro Bowl (DeAngelo Hall, Brian Orakpo, London Fletcher). I figured I would recap their performances. Let's just say that all three of them had good days.
Orakpo finished with 7 tackles (6 solo). Because the Pro Bowl teams have to play in a 4-3 and there's no blitzing, Orakpo didn't get to do what he does best (sack the QB) but played OLB well.

London Fletcher had an INT on Phillip Rivers and finished with 6 tackles (4 solo).
DeAngelo Hall had the big game with six tackles an INT off Phillip Rivers and a FF off Wes Welker. Hall returned the fumble for a TD similar to what he did in week 1 vs. Dallas. Hall was named as the Pro Bowl MVP for his performance.

So again congratulations to D. Hall (1st Pro Bowl as a Skin), Brian Orakpo (2nd) and London Fletcher (2nd) and we'll see you guys in a few months (hopefully!!!!).

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