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Redskins News and Notes 1/01/11

(With the 13th selection The Washington Redskins select QB Jake Locker, Washington)
Before I get to Redskins news, I'd like to say that I'm (as of right now) on the Jake Locker bandwagon for the Redskins 1st round pick. This is kind of a weird spot for me. Most of you know by now that pretty much since 2007 I've been asking for either O-linemen or D-linemen with the Skins picks. Now, I want a franchise QB. I think this would be the year if this guy falls to the Skins when they pick.

I watched the Holiday Bowl (Washington vs. Nebraska) and saw some really nice intangibles out of Locker despite having some not so great stats (Passing: 5/16; 56 yards/ Rushing: 13 carries, 83 yards; 1 TD). He has amazing touch on the ball and has a cannon for a arm with a pretty quick release. This guy is amazingly mobile and looks good running bootlegs. He also can get himself out of trouble by just tucking the ball and running. I also liked the fact that he threw the ball away instead of forcing it and that he took punishment and came back. If he goes to the Skins, I think he could cause teams a boatload of problems with his bootlegs in the Shanahan scheme.

Remember, the Skins traded for McNabb with the hopes of getting the guy that ran circles around teams with his mobility and made you pay when you tried to stop the running and didn't respect his arm. Locker reminds me of that but I think he's actually got a stronger arm and is much more accurate both in short and long range than McNabb in his prime.

Just something to think about......
Here's a You Tube video looking at some highlights. Also, here is a nice scouting report of Locker by Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown. It's very early in draft analysis so I wouldn't guarantee that Locker will be the IIWII 2011 Consensus Draft Pick as of yet, but this is the first 1st round caliber player to really wow me so far.

Onto actual Redskin players and the team....

- As you know by now the Skins have 1 player headed to the Pro Bowl in DeAngelo Hall. What you may not know is that Mike Sellers and Brian Orkapo are 1st alternates with Lorenzo Alexander, London Fletcher and Chris Cooley as 2nd alternates. If anything, it would have been nice to see LaRon Landry or Lorenzo get the nod for a Pro Bowl spot, but this is what happens when a team is 6-9 and Landry gets IRed.

- Roster Moves. We bid farewell to another 2010 starter as Kareem Moore joins the already lengthy IR list. The Skins signed DB Reggie Jones off the Saints practice squad. More or less, this is another player for the Skins to bring in and evaluate at the position. I kind of doubt he'll get many live game snaps this weeks since the Skins just signed him.

The Skins also brought back CB Doug Dutch who was with the team during training camp and then traded to Baltimore for QB (and now back up) John Beck. I liked Dutch, he seemed to be very raw but his coverage skills looked good at times. He'll have to improve on special teams if he'll make the roster though.

The Skins also signed DT Vince Oghobasse. There were thoughts at one point where it looked like he might have been a high draft pick but injury knocked him out of the draft. Matt Terl over at the Redskins blog found a nice analysis of Oghobasse from Fantasy Football Toolbox. I pulled out my 2010 draft guide from Pro Football Weekly and they shredded the player with their analysis (I'll sum it up in two lines):
Plays like he does not want to get his white gloves dirty.  Does not have the toughness, work ethic or determination to survive in the NFL's trenches.
-From Pro Football Weekly 2010 Draft Preview

I also wonder what happened to OL Xavier Fulton? I had read/heard that the Skins signed him to the practice squad but he is not listed on the roster (Dutch and Oghobasse are on the practice squad roster). What is interesting is that Fulton is listed as a member of the Skins on various sites including Fulton's Wikipedia page and
(To be or not to be a Redskin, that is the question.)
- Redskin Free Agents. I've become a big fan of J.I. Halsell. He already has a blog that is featured here on the IIWII blog roll (check it out) and lately he's been doing work for The Post. He had another nice article that broke down which Redskins will be free agents (in some capacity) this season (depending on the upcoming CBA and the amount of years the player has been in the league). Here's the list for the most part:
Santana Moss
Jammal Brown
Kedric Golston
Carlos Rogers
Rex Grossman
Rocky McIntosh
Phillip Buchanon
Reed Doughty
HB Blades
Stephon Heyer
Byron Westbrook
Mike Furrey
There are a few starters in the bunch and a few notable depth players as well. I wonder if the Skins don't sign a few of these players will they get a compensatory draft pick?

- Joe Joseph mug shot and story from TMZ
12/27/2010 12:10 AM PST by TMZ Staff (story used with permission from TMZ)
TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Washington Redskins defensive tackle Joe Joseph -- taken moments after the 325-pounder was arrested for DUI in Virginia early this morning.

The 25-year-old was popped around 3 A.M. -- after cops determined he was operating his car under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.
We're told Joseph -- who was just activated from the Washington practice squad before 'Skins played the Jaguars this week -- has since been released on his own recognizance.
A rep for the Redskins claims the team is still "gathering all the facts."

- vs. Giants. Game has been moved to 4:15 since the Giants need a win and a Packers loss to make the playoffs. Carlos Rogers looks like he'll be out.

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