Monday, January 24, 2011

Redskins Target Players at Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl practices started today and already the Redskins are taking a look at some of the players involved on Saturday's game. While I watch skimming through NFL Draft Countdown's coverage of the week's events, I discovered a few tidbits:

1. After today's practice a scout for the Skins went directly to Jake Locker to set up a meeting.
(From Scott Wright's blog at NFLDC). It appears that the Skins still may have some interest in looking at Locker as a potential pick at #10 (or maybe the 2nd round?). I'm still rather high on Locker and would like to see more to see if he fits the Skins system.

2. Locker wasn't the only player whom the Skins showed interest today. According to Wright, the Skins were seen talking to various players today including the aforementioned Jake Locker (QB), Shane Schilling*, Casey Matthews (ILB and brother of Packers OLB Clay), Lance Kendricks (TE), Greg Jones (ILB) and James Brewer (OT).
* I believe this is OG, Stephen Schilling- I couldn't find a Shane Schilling.

The Senior Bowl scouting is a little different this year than last year. Last year, many of the Redskin coaches attended. This year, none of them will be there according to The Post. Apparently just Bruce Allen, Scott Campbell and some of the scouting department will be there.

Last year the Redskins did draft a player who played in the Senior Bowl. OT, Selvish Capers was drafted by the Skins in the 7th round. Capers was projected by many to be a 2nd to 3rd round talent, but fell to the 7th. A poor performance during the Senior Bowl game may have contributed to the fall.

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