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Redskins/Draft News and Notes 1/10/11

- Skins sign 7 players to futures contracts. That's right, there have been 7 players. Most outlets have been reporting six but a few days ago the Skins also signed LB Edgar Jones to the roster. Jones has been with the Ravens most of his career (since 2007). Not sure what LB position he plays (whether he's an OLB or a ILB) but based on my PFW/Yahoo! 2010 Preview guide, he looks  like he's a OLB/DE. Also worth noting, Jones looks like he converted from being a TE in 2009 to LB this past year. Who knows, it worked for Darrell Young so maybe Jones could be a viable OLB prospect. At least he knows the 3-4 (or a variation of it Baltimore's scheme varies and is slightly different from the Skins version....the Skins run their 3-4 more like NE, GB and Pittsburgh) from his Baltimore days.

As for the other six: Selvish Capers (OT), Xavier Fulton (OT), Shawnbrey McNeal (RB), Rashaad Duncan (DL), Taurus Johnson (WR) and Maurice Price (WR). You can read about them on the Redskins site here.
I'm rather high on Capers and was surprised he fell to the 7th round, especially when at one point some considered him to be a day 2 or early day three draft pick (projected  between 2nd and 4th rounds). Fulton also seems to be intriguing if he has recovered from his injuries. I like that both Johnson and Price has some height to match our smaller WRs. Both are 6' 1" and the Skins could use more size in the WR corp. to go with the speed. McNeal will have an opportunity to fight for a roster spot with James Davis, Andre Brown, Chad Simpson and Clinton Portis for the last HB/RB roster spot. Duncan is another fresh face to look at on the line.

- The current roster. Now that the off-season is here, the Skins have merged their roster to just one list. You can see the full roster here. It's weird to see names like Josh Bidwell and Mike Williams on the list since we haven't seen them on the field for months.

- Shanahan to meet with McNabb's agent soon. No real surprise. The agent will ask for McNabb's release and Shanahan will give McNabb and Fletcher Smith an opportunity to find a trade partner. I agree with Jason Reid that the Skins will probably make a move similar to what they did with Jason Campbell. Expect the Skins to get somewhere in the range of a 5th or 6th for McNabb....although I really wish we could get a 4th for him to replenish the 4th we lost to Philly this year in the trade.

- On the Haynesworth Front..... Nothing on any possible trades for Albert Haynesworth, but while some have speculated that the Skins will just out right release him, I kind of doubt it. I believe it was The Post's Rick Maese that said that there are teams interested in Haynesworth and a trade may be possible. Haynesworth is due around 5.4 million next season, which really isn't that much. What is interesting to note is that next year will basically be a contract year for Haynesworth. While a team may take the deal next year, future years of Haynesworth's deal increases (6.7 million base salary in 2012, 8.5 million base salary in 2013 etc.....). So, Haynesworth may again be playing for a new deal and we know that he plays well when he's trying to get paid. I think the Skins will be able to get something for him as well.

- Redskin fans and the Redskins would like to see the new CBA done sooner than later. It is very important for the NFL and the Players Union to get the CBA done ASAP. To have a 2011 season is one reason, but the Redskins actually have a lot of money to spend in a pretty deep FA class and none of it will be done until the new CBA is in place. Same goes with compensatory picks that the Skins could get if they don't resign Rocky McIntosh, Carlos Rogers and Reed Doughty. Finally, all the trades for both Haynesworth and McNabb will not happen until a new CBA is in place. Their trades can't happen until the 2011 season starts and there won't be an official 2011 season until a CBA is in place.

- Thanks to Colts and Saints losses, Redskins draft order is set. With the Saints and Colts losing on Saturday we now know exactly where we will be picking during the draft; well, sort of. We don't know about compensatory picks and that won't be determined for a few months (if at all b/c of the lack of a CBA). But if everything stands pat today, here is where the Redskins will be drafting in 2011*.
1st Round (10) #10 overall
2nd Round (9) #41 overall
5th Round (13) #141 overall
5th Round (24) #152 overall (from Saints in Jammal Brown trade)
6th Round (12) #172 overall
7th Round (10) #202 overall
7th Round (24) #215 overall (from Colts for Justin Tryon?)

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether or not we're getting anything for Justin Tryon. The Redskins traded Tryon to the Colts back in September for a conditional draft pick. The only problem is that the draft pick has been undisclosed and nobody knows what were the conditions of the trade (except for the Colts and the Skins and they're not talking). Tryon was a 4th rounder back in 2008 but that really doesn't mean much. He started for the last few weeks for the Colts and was one of the starting CBs in the Colts/Jets game. Tryon even had an INT during the game. My guess is that the Skins are getting the Colts 7th rounder and the condition was that the Skins would get the pick if Tryon was on the 53 man roster for so many games. Who knows, this is Shanahan and Allen we're talking about, maybe they snuck something in the deal that the Skins would get something higher based on playing time. At this point, I don't know so we'll assume it's just the Colts 7th for now.

By the way, here's what the Skins lost for the McNabb and Brown trades*:
3rd Round (8) #72 overall to Saints (Jammal Brown)
4th Round (7) #103 overall to Eagles (Donovan McNabb).
* All information found over at the huddle report.

-IIWII 2010 Redskin analysis. I'll have about 4-5 articles up this week and next week about the Skins in 2010. Here's the breakdown:
1. He did it his way. Looking at Mike Shanahan's 1st year as the Redskins head coach. Includes some analysis of the offensive and defensive philosophies, front office moves (w/Bruce Allen), change in culture (w/Bruce Allen), leadership, on field management and controversies.
2. FedEx 2010. Looking at the improvements both aesthetically and personnel wise to make FedEx a better place for the fans to enjoy their team. Will also look at the current problems and the lack of on field victories.
3. Offense Roster Analysis. Pretty much looks at the team during 2010. Who stays and who goes and what needs the Skins need to address for 2011.
4. Defense Roster Analysis. Same as #3 but looks at the defensive side of the ball.
5. Special Team Roster Analysis. Same as #3 and #4 but looking at special teams.

- Check out Staying Medium's roster analysis. Until I get around to doing my write ups on the Redskins,  Dave over at Staying Medium is working on his roster reviews. Looks like he's doing defense first and working his way to the offense. Here are his first reviews on the Linebacker Corp. and Defensive Line.

- Fred Davis in trouble? Per TMZ. I'm not going to really discuss it until we know more.

- Chris Hanburger is a finalist for the HOF. Per NFP.

Draft News and Notes
- College football ends tonight with the BCS Championship Auburn vs. Oregon. You may want to watch it if only to get a look at Cam Newton (Auburn QB). Many are convinced that the Skins will draft a QB in round 1 or 2 and Newton (if he enters the draft) may be an option that some are projecting the Skins taking at #10.

- Luck out, Gabbert in. Andrew Luck is staying for his senior year at Stanford. However, two QBs who still had college eligibility Ryan Mallett and Blaine Gabbert are joining the 2011 draft class. Luck staying isn't a loss to any NFL team looking for a QB except for the Panthers who would have taken him. Now they'll look to another position.

- Should the Skins really go after a QB at 10? Here's a list of names of decent QBs who may be considered day 1-2 potential picks: Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick, Pat Devin, Andy Dalton. I've been hearing mixed signals on many of theses QBs and that many of the experts think that all of the QBs are projects and will need time before they have a chance of starting. If the Skins stay at 10, I have to think that they're going after a 3-4 DE or a 3-4 OLB. There are some good prospects at those positions that are worthy of #10. Right now, my ideal hope is that the Skins trade back a few spots, pick up a 3rd or 4th and then either go after a QB, interior OL, DE or OLB there. Thus they get one more player in the draft and don't draft too high is fine by me.

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