Thursday, January 20, 2011

Season Ticket Invoices Are Here

Football season isn't even over yet. I haven't even gotten around to writing up all of my evaluations of the 2010 season and how I'm anticipating 2011, when I received a letter from the Redskins yesterday.
(More blurry photos from my cell)

That's right, the 2010 season hasn't even ended and it's time to pay for next season.......

..........that is if there is a next season.

Of course the Redskins, like many NFL teams, have adopted a policy to refund ticket holders for any games that are canceled due towards a potential lockout or strike.

The Skins still have the automatic ticket upgrade program this year. The program seemed to be successful last year. The Redskins have added more options this year for the upper bowl ticket holders (move down rows or move closer to midfield).

They also had an offer to give tickets on a first come first serve basis for those STHers who paid in full by February 18th to a choice of the Kenny Chesney concert, Barcelona vs. Man.U or Maryland vs. Notre Dame.

Payments are due March 1st unless you opt for the payment plan (you pay in three installments on 3/1, 4/1 and 5/1). Although from various message board discussion over the years, its pretty clear that the Skins can and have extended the due dates before in some cases.

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