Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Much for Re-Seeding the Playoffs.....

The Seahawks beating the Saints is just another perfect example of what the NFL is about and why it's the most popular sport in the U.S. Many people (myself included) thought that the chance of a mediocre 7-9 team beating a banged up but still pretty good Saints team was slim.

Some had even argued for the league to re-seed the brackets and games based on Seattle's record.Oh well, so much for that theory.

Same can be said about overtime rules. Many think that the NFL needs to abandon the "sudden death" format and go for a style more like what college football does. The funny thing is that evidence has shown that the majority of overtime games don't usually end on the 1st possession (like in last year's Vikings/Saints NFC Championship game). Perfect example, the Redskins this season. The Skins played in 4 overtime games this year. In that, they went 3-1 in overtime. In all four games, the Skins lost the coin toss and the opponent had possession of the ball first. Even in the one loss (vs. Houston), both teams had the ball at least once before the Texans kicked the game winning FG.

As for the J-E-T-S......
(Rex's thoughts on me picking the Colts. Now let's get a GD snack!!!!)

The Jets are a good team and while I thought the Colts would win at home, the Jets winning in Indy isn't as big of a stunner. Now, if they win in New England.......then we'll talk.

More playoff stuff coming and some Redskins 2010 reviews coming up this week.

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