Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Ex-Redskin Wins Super Bowl (can you guess who?)

Watch this You Tube clip and see if you can see who it is? He plays a major role on this play.

Did you see him?
Just in case you didn't here he is in a Redskins jersey at training camp.

Yep, that's Howard Green. #95 in the You Tube clip. #72 here at training camp (later cut at the end of preseason).
He 's the one who was beating a double team and getting to Rothlisberger causing him to not step up and make a good pass (eventually picked off by Nick Collins and returned for a TD).

Outside of congratulations to Mr. Green, I'm not sure that there's a deep point to this. Green didn't look that great with the Skins and I believe he was later signed and released by the Jets. Maybe the point is that NTs can be found in the league and maybe it's not a crisis if we can't snag Phil Taylor at #41.

That and this is a rare time I took a picture that I can use on IIWII.......

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