Monday, February 14, 2011

Redskins News and Notes: 2/14/11

Happy Valentine's day. The season may be over and there isn't that much going on, but there's always news on the Redskins. Here's a few recent topics (that you may or may not have already read).

First, I wanted to welcome The Post's new beat writer Mike Jones (since many of the next few links will be from him). He is replacing Jason Reid, who will become a regular columnist for the sports section of The Post (in a sense Reid is replacing Michael Wilbon). I will miss Jason Reid, seemed like a nice guy (appeared totally stunned that somebody recognized him at training camp. Yep, that was me who said "I like your work" or something like that) and I enjoyed his work on Redskins Insider. Jones should be a good replacement. He's written some great articles over at and always seemed to get some good inside tidbits. I figured I would mention the change over there since The Post officially changed the Redskins Insider header today (now featuring Jones' picture).

- Shaun Rogers Watch. Rogers visited with the Redskins Friday as I earlier reported. However, it is unlikely that the Skins will sign him. Kelli Johnson reports that its unlikely that Rogers will be a Skin for multiple reasons. That's fine. It was worth bringing him in for a visit if only to see what the early prices are being thrown out on the NT market.

- Santana Moss' contract is void. As of Friday, Santana Moss' contract became void based on the stipulations of the contract. Unlike Shaun Rogers, Moss isn't a free agent until the new NFL year begins. That is scheduled for March 4th. Of course that may change if a new CBA is not finalized and a lockout happens. The big question is whether the Skins will re-sign Moss and will it happen before he hits the market as a free agent. I don't think he will be re-signed before a new CBA is in place. I do think the Skins will have interest in re-signing him. Moss set a career high in catches with 93 as the Shanahans used him more as a slot receiver. Moss is 32 and I think he has lost a step when it comes to his vertical game. That said, he is still a total mismatch with safeties, nickel corners and linebackers in the slot. In this scheme, I think Moss still has a few years left and could tutor fellow speedsters Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin and Brandon Banks.

- Haynesworth in trouble with the law again and again. Less than two weeks ago Haynesworth had an incident with another driver that led to him being charged with simple assault. Now today, there is a accusation of sexual abuse with a waitress that occurred this past Sunday. The Skins may not have time to wait for a new CBA with hopes of trading the disgruntled walking soap opera. Yes, Haynesworth is innocent until proven guilty and he may be found completely innocent of the charges in both incidents. That said, in NFL circles a player's trade value isn't based on convictions but on perception. The Redskins will be lucky to get anything for Haynesworth at this point. Either way, I'll be glad to see him gone as a fan. I'm tired of the drama and so is the organization and his teammates.

- More reason a new CBA needs to get done. Free agency and lockouts/strikes aside, the Redskins are a team that really need to see a new CBA finalized sooner than later (ie. before the draft). If the Skins are to trade Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb, a new CBA has to be in place. Look, the Skins need as many picks as possible in the draft and if they don't plan on keeping McNabb or Haynesworth, then I would rather see them traded for picks now than 2012 picks.

- Teams that may want to trade for McNabb. Rich Tandler at CSN Washington writes an interesting article on possible destinations for Donovan McNabb if the Skins decide to trade him. Of the four, Miami or Minnesota makes the most sense to me. Of course, the Skins said that they are not sure if McNabb will be back or not.

- Cam Newton workout. Some people have the Skins taking Auburn QB Cam Newton at #10. Recently he worked out for the media. Want to watch some of the workout? Click on the link here to watch (note: the actual workout starts around the 7:30 mark, prior to that it's Newton interviewing with the press). ESPN's Trent Dilfer was slobbering over Newton's performance. Mel Kiper and ESPN also were praising the workout with Kiper mentioning that Newton's stock is on the rise. Other drafniks like NFL Network's Mike Mayock are more skeptical. I'm with Mayock. Newton has talent for sure, but I'm really worried about what he can do on a pro level and the off-field issues are a major red flag to me.

- Brandon Banks stabbed, is OK. Brandon Banks was injured while attempting to break up a fight between his friend and the man who eventually stabbed Banks (superficial wound that required stitches). A good account of the incident can be read here. IIWII wants to wish Mr. Banks and his friend a speedy recovery and hope they are doing well. Banks had an amazing 2010 as a rookie that was somewhat hindered by a knee injury. He should be 100% for the 2011 season.

- The Dan Snyder lawsuit. I honestly don't give a ****.

- Skins may move Training Camp and leave Ashburn. The Redskins are looking to move training camp and it may be at George Mason per various reports. The Skins are also looking into new facilities for a new Redskins park. Currently, the Skins don't have either a heated field or a indoor facility to hold practice if there is incliment weather.

- Free Agency list. Want to look at who's available in upcoming free agency? Plus, updates on who's been either franchised or re-signed. A very nice compilation over at Walter Football.

- 1st and 2nd round targets.
I'm going to throw a few names to keep an eye on as we get closer to the draft.
1st round prospects: Cameron Jordan, Julio Jones, Von Miller, JJ Watt, Aldon Smith, Tyron Smith.
2nd round prospects: Phil Taylor*, Leonard Hankerson, Rodney Hudson, Stefan Wisniewski.
* I had a good debate with Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) on whether Taylor will even be there at #41. Grant doesn't think he will. He's probably right.
At this point, I really hope the Skins can find a way to trade back

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