Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl: Thoughts

First, congratulations to the Green Bay Packers and their fans for the victory. I've got to say that I (along with many others) saw it coming months ago. It was nice to see Aaron Rogers dominate and I for one hope that this will be the end of the Brett Favre saga once and for all. Favre can now go and sit on his tractor in his Wrangler jeans and figure out if he'll cut grass today or not (Another tough Favre decision!!!! Quick, call Peter King!). Hopefully, the comparisons between the two will finally end with this win and Favre's (third and final?) retirement.

I didn't get into the hype of this game. Frankly, these two teams are similar in many aspects and nobody on either team is a major trash talker. It would have been more interesting to see Rex Ryan and the Jets at the Superbowl just to hear the many crazy things coming out of their mouths. Some people really hate Rex Ryan, I find him entertaining. He's a funnier version of his dad Buddy, who I watched coach two NFCE teams over the years (Eagles and Cardinals). Don't get me wrong, I have a great deal of respect for the Steelers and the Packers and their fan bases (well sort of....). I hope the the Skins 3-4 will eventually rival these teams. But in great controversy...they don't have much. Well, except for Rothlisberger and while I enjoy trash talk, there's some lines even I have to draw.

If anything, these teams are pretty similar and that may be why this just wasn't as exciting. No clash of scheme or styles. No brash guarantees. The Mikes (coaches McCarthy and Tomlin) are liked or respected in many league and fan circles. If anything this was a classic matchup of two old school franchises. This was a game that most NFL fans should be excited to see and yet didn't. The simple reason could be because they lacked the glamor that is expected when you think of a Super Bowl. There was no team to love really. Oh sure, there were many who like guys like Clay Matthews or Aaron Rogers but there was no emotional story like Jerome Bettis playing in his hometown for one final game. There was no emotion for a team like there was for the Saints. It was just tow good teams playing.

Most importantly, this game lacked somebody to hate. Yep, hatred is a powerful emotion and in football if your team isn't winning then many enjoy watching a rival fail. Why do you think many would have enjoyed the Bears or Jets in the Super Bowl? A lot of people can't stand Jay Cutler or Rex Ryan.  Again, there's the Rothlisberger element but his story has changed over the past months from villain and defamer of the NFL shield to reformed player deserving of a 2nd chance. So with nobody to really root for and nobody to really cheer for, you pretty much get this type of game. It was actually a good game with Pittsburgh looking like the better team until they made a turnover. The Packers generated three turnovers and each resulting drive led to a touchdown. Hard to overcome that even if Pittsburgh played at their best.....and they didn't.

Yet, the Steelers almost stole this one away from the Packers. Doing the same thing they've done to the Cardinals in their last Super Bowl appearance and to the Ravens twice this year. It made the final drives meaningful because you knew the Steelers were going to make a comeback and that the Packers had to try and stay a TD ahead of them. That was this game's saving grace. Not the best Super Bowl I've seen by any stretch but not the worst either I suppose.

Since the Super Bowl isn't really about football but media hype, commercials and half time shows; let's get to what everybody else was talking about: the commercials, the anthem and the halftime show.

The Anthem
(Having a better performance here than at the Super Bowl)
The sad thing of all of this is that Christina Aguilera still has one of the better voices going in the music industry and possibly all time. I was saying to the Mrs. prior to the anthem that I wondered if she would challenge the performance by Whitney Houston in the 1991 Super Bowl. Not even close. Funny thing was I didn't even catch the flub until later when I saw it mentioned on Deadspin. I blame it primarily on that I was tired of pre-game stuff and wanted to see some actual football. Anyway, here's one of the better versions of the anthem in my opinion.

The Halftime Show
Well, what did you expect? To quote a football line from the great Denny Green "They are who we thought they were.". If you like autotune and pop lyrics with a catchy beat.....then you kind of have the Black Eyed Peas. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. I have to admit I like a few of their songs. I usually hear them during the Skins games and their fine for a few clips here or there. Live performance to me wasn't that great though. I've never been a huge fan of Usher and his dancing like he's doing The Robot or miming something but hey, that's me. Why did we have to see a Slash cameo with a clip of the classic Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine?
(Fergie or Axl today? You decide. Photo Boris Menkevich via)
Many people have said that the performance reminds them of Tron. Well, to me it reminded me of the composers of Tron Legacy, Daft Punk. For some reason looking at the dancers reminded me of an early Daft Punk video more than Tron itself.

I still don't get why we haven't seen bands like Metallica, AC/DC or even Ozzy Osbourne perform at a Super Bowl. Maybe they've been asked and said no for all I know but I think that would be fun to watch. Plus, all three kick ass live either from personal experience or by watching live concerts on TV. Metallica had their music played during the game. For Whom the Bell Tolls and Enter Sandman played during the game.

Meh. Two that I can think of were good. One was the Eminem commercial about Detroit. Excellent in making Detroit look good though embattled. I still won't buy another Chrysler again however. I owned a Pacifica a few years back and it broke down all the time and was a lousy vehicle. I also liked the Ozzy and Justin Bieber commercial. I can't stand his music but I give props to Bieber for making fun of himself. Ozzy has been making fun of himself for years now as a burned out senile old guy. It works for him.

- I didn't understand the Darth Vader kid commercial. Growing up in the 80's kids would always dress up as Vader or Yoda or Boba Fett for Halloween. We grew up with Star Wars with the original trilogy and the very cool Kenner toys. I could see this in 1985. It just didn't make much sense in 2011 to me.

And that ladies and gents. was the 2010 season......onto the draft!!!!

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