Monday, March 14, 2011

3/14/11: Updates, Lockouts and The Future

Like our new header? Well it's staying that way until a new CBA is in place. I have a few headers that I use for the site based on what's going (offseason, regular season etc.) on and since we're in a lockout I figured I would represent my sentiment on the blog.
Lockouts suck
Unlike the NFL and the formerly known as the NFLPA trade association, I won't be stopping in my commentary on the Skins and the NFL while they complain to the media and twitter about each other. Actually, as a writer/blogger, this gives me the opportunity to focus solely on the draft and where I think the Skins (and the rest of the NFL) are headed. More time to get those Meaningless Mock Drafts done and more time to catch up on my 2010 evaluations of the Redskins from FedEx Field, to the team, to the coaching and front office (I still haven't had a chance to start them).

Plus, IIWII will look at some other stuff during the hiatus. It's been a while since I've done a movie review and there are a few I wouldn't mind writing up if only to give me a break from non-stop football coverage.

This is post #497 here on IIWII, in three more post we'll be at #500. I plan on thanking readers by offering up a prize pack to one lucky reader. Working on what I have planned to give up but it should be decent for a site that doesn't do ads.

There will be a lockout post coming soon as well. It will be more ranting than I typically put on the blog, but I'm really not happy about this situation. Both sides are to blame for the issue and I have a bigger problem with the leadership of both sides than an individual owner or player. Trust me as someone who has played football (granted only on the HS level) I understand the physical demand put on players and the life sacrifices that they make to play a game.

I'm also doing some site updates so expect a few changes in the coming months. We're going to try and put more pictures (larger and higher quality as well). People tend to like that. Also, we've changed our email and the Walking Deadman element of the site is going away. I've changed my handle if you didn't notice from Walking Deadman to FedEx Al and the domain name may change in the coming months as well (this will not affect you!!!!). Again, trying to be more fan friendly.Too many people thought this was a horror site. Nothing wrong with that, I love horror films. But we're not getting nearly enough hits to my liking (thanks to the dozen or so regular people who keep reading IIWII though).

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at the IIWII email, send me a tweet over at twitter or just leave a comment.

Finally, I wanted to congratulate SHD and his new wife Aurora on their marriage. May you two have a happy, healthy and long life together.

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