Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Official, Skins Have 8 Picks Heading Into 2011 Draft

On Friday the NFL awarded 32 compensatory picks to teams for the 2011 draft. How they figure out who gets what pick goes to whom and where in the draft is beyond me. According to some it's more complicated than using the equation to figure out the QB rating. From what I understand, not every free agent is eligible for this equation. Those who are eligible are calculated into the formula which is based player salary, playing time, post season honors. Add a little magic and (viola!) you get compensatory picks.
(Determining compensatory picks: What Harry Potter has been doing since The Deathly Hallows)
This year the league awarded 21 picks to various clubs through the equation. That said, the league gives out 32 picks in a draft, so the remaining picks (11) are handed out in the 7th round to the clubs with the worst records (highest draft order). Since the Skins pick 10th in the draft, they scored a 7th round compensatory pick with the Texans scoring the final compensatory pick and the last pick of the 2011 draft (aka: The Mr. Irrelevant pick).

Friday also had the NFL announce the current draft order including all trades and 32 compensatory picks. If you notice in the CBS article, the NFL has finally listed the Redskins getting the Colts 7th round pick as compensation for Justin Tryon.

So now the Redskins head into the draft with 8 selections: 10 (1st), 41 (2nd), 144 (5th), 155 (5th- from Saints), 177 (6th), 212 (7th), 224 (7th - from Colts) and 252 (7th- comp. pick). Now you may scoff at the notion that the Skins have three meager 7th round picks, but the Skins have been able to find some contributing talent with those picks in the past decade. For example: Rock Cartwright, Rob Jackson and Chris Horton were all 7th round selections. Also I expect last year's 7th round selections (Terrence Austin, Erik Cook and Selvish Capers) to play more of a role in 2011.

Want to see how many picks and where the other 31 teams are picking? ESPN has a nice list here worth checking out. Worth noting: Dallas and NY both have 8 picks, while the Eagles have 10 picks.

I mentioned in my last post that since there is no 2012 draft without a new CBA in place, it was my understanding that NFL teams could not trade future picks in a draft that may not exist much like current players can not be traded while there's no CBA. Come to find out I was misinformed. While listening to the NFL Draft Scout podcast, Chad Reuter mentioned that future picks can be traded (he specifically mentioned the Skins, since they love to trade away picks). The only problem is that since there may (I highly doubt it though) not be a CBA those picks would be void unless the teams involve have writing in the deal to make them go for future years. Either way, it looks like future picks can and will still be on the table for trades so Patriot fans can again get irritated when the Pats. keep moving back just to accumulate more picks that they never seem to use.

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