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Redskins News and Notes: Redskins Shopping 10th Pick in Draft?

It's been a topic of discussion for awhile now with some Redskin fans. The Redskins could use more picks to address starting needs and overall depth. Now it seems that it has been confirmed that the Skins are talking to potential suitors for a trade of #10 overall in this year's draft. Michael Lombardi of NFL Network suggested this almost two weeks ago on Path to the Draft stating that the Skins do want to trade down and that the #10 pick could be had by another team even before the draft begins.

I was mentioning this on twitter and Mr. Lombardi pretty much re-stated that this wasn't just hyperbole to me.
"@IIWIISkinsBlog skins want to trade down..."
- Michael Lombardi (@michaellombardi)

So it's not just me throwing suggestions out there that the Skins might trade down. It looks like there is a good chance that they will make the move to acquire additional picks. The NFL Network is reporting that the Cowboys have already had calls for potential trade offers at #9, so I have to think that the Skins will get some offers at #10 unless teams are trying to jump the Skins for a player.

So now the question has to be "If they trade back, who do they take?" My guess is either BPA (Best Player Available) at the new spot or they go all in and go after a QB. At this time I see three potential QBs that the Redskins may target and possibly a fourth. Most of these players will be targeted as mid 1st rounders to 2nd rounders. Do some of them deserve to be in the 2nd round? Probably not, you could argue a few are later round prospects, but there is a demand for the QB position this year and normally QB stock inflates (with exceptions to last year QBs Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen) as we get closer to the draft.

So who are they?

 Pretty simple: Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick. Locker makes sense based on the rumors that the Skins would have taken him at #4 last year had he been available and entered the draft. Also, it was the Skins that immediately approached Locker at the end of the 1st Senior Bowl practice to schedule a meeting with the player (via NFL Draft Countdown). There has been a few media reports mentioning that Christian Ponder has been scouted by the Skins for a few seasons now (although many players are scouted regularly doesn't mean a team has interest). Andy Dalton will be having a workout with the Skins according to a reliable source on twitter. I threw Kaepernick in here just to see if you were paying attention. That said, his mobility and strong arm may be worth considering (ED Note: But no way should the Skins consider him in round 2. He's a round 3-5 guy that will take 1-2 years to develop in my opinion).

The Skins could also go a more safe route and take the BPA on the D line. Even if the Skins move back 10 spots, there should be some good D line and OLB talent available. They could even start looking at interior offensive linemen at that point as well.

Who are the Skins working out/ bringing to the Park?

(via: Pro Football Talk)
Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor (?).
Baylor guard/tackle Danny Watkins (?).
*Penn State running back Evan Royster (?).
Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller (?).
Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams (4/14).
Auburn quarterback Cam Newton (4/15).
USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith (4/18).
* Private workout only

Andy Dalton (via: @JsteelzExtreme)

It's still pretty early. I would expect a few more players to come in before the draft. 

Who loses the most with no CBA?
Remember Brandon Banks and Logan Paulsen? Both were UnDrafted Free Agent rookies who were signed by the Skins after the draft and given an opportunity to work with the team, go to training camp and compete for a shot on the 53 man roster. Both succeeded at made some decent contributions to the team in 2010. With no CBA in place, players like this have no idea what will happen to their football careers. Many of these players have a great deal of potential but are in developmental stages of their careers. They need the offseason to get stronger, to work with coaches and to get better. The CBA needs to get done now.

- What is also notable is that players can not be traded during the draft with no CBA in place. Also, with no CBA, there is no 2012 draft. Therefore, teams like the Patriots won't be trading back for 2012 picks.

- Skinscast has a great article asking local writers what the Skins should do at #10 and what they will do at #10.
- Staying Medium looks at a hypothetical off-season with some surprising moves in the draft, free agency and players not coming back.
- I am currently in the process of working on Meaningless Mock Draft 2.0. I have about 2 posts I want to do before I do MMD again, so you may see it as late as sometime next week (hopefully).
- Before that, I will be doing the annual IIWII consensus draft pick. Unlike other years, there will be two players (one if the Skins stay at #10 and one if the Skins trade back) listed. With exception of Dave at Staying Medium, I think many readers will be a bit surprised by my choice.

-Farewell and Good Luck to both Andre Carter and Derrick Dockery. Sadly for both of them, they just don't fit Mike Shanahan's plan for this team.

-I like the OJ Atogwe move. Probably the best FS available in 2011 in both free agency and the draft. The price tag was reasonable considering the player's talent level. Overall, it was a smart move. Hopefully he'll be a solid player for the next 4-5 seasons in DC.

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