Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 3 Targets

Day two has come and went. The Redskins have addressed a few needs but still have some to address. Luckily with 10 picks in the next four rounds they should be able to do so. Let's look at some of the players and positions that they may be targeting.

Trade and Trade again......Redskins Day 2 picks/draft moves

Heading into day 2 of the 2011 draft, the Redskins had 8 remaining draft picks (already used one on Ryan Kerrigan in round 1). By the end of day 2, the Redskins had drafted 2 players and are heading into day three with 10 picks. Surprised? You should be. This isn't your typical Redskins draft. Matter of fact this isn't anything like your classic Vinny Cerrato/Dan Snyder draft at all. The Redskins are going after some serious value and accumulating picks in the process. So far they've addressed three critical needs on the roster and with 10 picks throughout the next 4 rounds, expect them to address most of the positions that need starters and or depth.

So, how did they get to this point. Let me show you:

At #10 the Skins traded with Jacksonville for #16 (1st) and #49 (2nd)
At #16 Redskins drafted Ryan Kerrigan
At #41 Redskins drafted Jarvis Jenkins
At #49 Redskins traded with Indianapolis for #53 (2nd) and #152 (5th)
At #53 Redskins traded with Chicago for #62 (2nd) and #127 (4th)
At #62 Redskins traded with Miami for #79 (3rd), #146 (5th) and #217 (7th)
At #79 Redskins drafted Leonard Hankerson

So when the dust settles this is the Redskins draft board heading into day 3's draft.
#16 Ryan Kerrigan, OLB
#41 Jarvis Jenkins, DE/DT
#79 Leonard Hankerson, WR
#127 (4th)
#144 (5th)
#146 (5th)
#152 (5th)
#155 (5th)
#177 (6th)
#213 (7th)
#217 (7th)
#224 (7th)
#253 (7th)

Looking Back at the Senior Bowl: Leonard Hankerson

(The Senior Bowl star heading to DC. Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images via Bleacher Report)

Since the Skins drafted the WR from The U, here's my comments I made on him during the Senior Bowl:

"WR Leonard Hankerson should have been the Senior Bowl MVP in my opinion. On the opening play, Christian Ponder underthrows a deep pass to Hankerson. Hankerson then pulls a Santana Moss caliber adjustment and makes a nice 49 yard catch. I'm not a big fan of drafting wide receivers early (especially after the 2008 draft) but if the Redskins are going that way, I hope they consider him. The Skins have had some success with players from The U."


Hoping to get up early and discuss day 2 Redskins moves and also do a day 3 Target article.

 Pretty happy, 2 of the players I suggested as possible targets were selected by the Skins in rounds 2 and 3.
So far, it's been a good draft.

10 picks tomorrow. Also, much like Mike Shanahan, I will not be going to the FedEx Draft Day party (got a ton of yardwork to finish up on and too expensive with gas costs) so no coverage like last year. Sorry.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 2 Targets

First, let me start off by saying I don't think the Skins take a QB in the 2nd round barring something crazy happening. I'm not convinced that the Skins are interested in Ryan Mallett. Here's where I think the remaining top QBs go in round 2.
Colin Kaepernick- Buffalo
Andy Dalton- Cincinnati
Ryan Mallett- Oakland

After that I'm not convinced that there is a QB better than what the Skins currently have. Do you believe that Ricky Stanzi is better than John Beck or Rex Grossman? I don't.

So, as we head into round 2 here are the main targets the Skins should try to acquire in the 2nd: OL, DE, CB, NT and WR. I think the Skins will/should target a RB in the 5th-7th rounds. There is a ton of depth in this RB class. Here are some individual players to keep an eye on during the 2nd.

Stephen Paea
Kenrick Ellis (late 2nd early 3rd)
Jurell Casey (3rd)

Christian Ballard
Allen Bailey
Jarvis Jenkins

Brandon Harris
Ras-I- Dowling
Curtis Brown

Rodney Hudson
Ben Ijalana
James Brewer
Stefen Wisniewski (late 2nd, early 3rd)

Leonard Hankerson
Torrey Smith
Titus Young
Randall Cobb

Currently looks like the Skins (via ESPN 980 report) are trying to trade out of #41. If this happens, expect the Skins to acquire at least a 3rd round pick so some of these later 2nd/early 3rd prospects could be available.

Redskins Trade Back......Draft Ryan Kerrigan

Give credit to Mike Shanahan in that he's still the master of leaving everybody in the dark about what the Skins intended to do with the #10 pick. Surprisingly, Shanahan did exactly what he said he was hoping the Redskins could do early: try to trade back and address the team's biggest need (improving the pass rush).

With that. welcome to the Redskins Ryan Kerrigan

Here's some breakdown and analysis of the Skins new OLB.
Todd McShay (ESPN/Scouts Inc.)

Scott Wright (NFL Draft Countdown) (CBS)
Walter Football


Thursday, April 28, 2011

IIWII Consensus Pick at #10 (2011 ed.)

Every year I have a favorite draft candidate that I'd like to see the Redskins draft as their top pick. This started around 2004 when I actually found the draft interesting and had time to actually give NFL Football the fanatical obsession that I give it now (before then school got in the way).

Anyway here are my picks from past years:
2004- Sean Taylor
2005- Antrel Rolle or Carlos Rogers
2006- (2nd rounder) D'Qwell Jackson
2007- Amobi Okoye
2008- Branden Albert
2009- Michael Oher
2010- Russell Okung

Looking back at 2010, I still like Okung. I'm very happy with Trent Williams and I think that he'll have a long and successful career in DC.

Let's get to the 2011 pick.
I'm cheating a bit here because I'm listing two players this year. One is if the Skins stay at #10. The other if the Skins can move back and acquire more picks. If they get more picks, then maybe you can draft a player that may not be a starter on day 1. Time to write about the day 1 starting pick.

If the Skins pick at #10, then need a player who can start from day 1. A player who can make an immediate impact on the team and won't have to learn a new position or adapt to the pro-game. The Skins are desperate from D-line help. They couldn't stop the run or pressure the passer. If the Skins draft this player, they will get both issues addressed.

So the IIWII 2011 Consensus Pick:

Questions the Skins Need to Answer Heading Into the Draft (OLB)

Keeping this quick and simple
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3

Can Rob Jackson and Chris Wilson fill the need at OLB?

It's clear the Redskins need help in the front seven to generate pressure on the QB and to stop the run. Outside of Brian Orakpo, nobody had more than 2.5 sacks on the roster in 2010. Orkapo finished with 8.5 but one has to wonder if he wasn't getting double teamed and held so much would he had gotten double digit sacks? Andre Carter was released because he doesn't fit the 3-4 and current starter Lorenzo Alexander played decent in coverage and run protection. That said, Alexander lacks the speed and explosion as a OLB to be a dominating force opposite of Orakpo.

The Redskins do have some players on the roster that may be able to compete for the starting job in Chris Wilson and Rob Jackson. It's hard to tell as neither have done much based on their stats. That said, Jackson filled in for an injured Orakpo and looked downright scary against the Jaguars in week 16. Wilson looks like he could excel as a pass rusher in the 3-4. The only thing I would be concerned is his coverage skills.

Remember, the Skins 3-4 is based off of the Steelers 3-4. Granted, it's a hybrid of their scheme and it's modified and varies compared to that of Dick Lebeau's scheme. It still follows similar principles. The Steelers didn't have to find 1st round talent to have strong 3-4 OLBs.

I still think the Skins will look to the draft (and possibly very high in said draft) to find their next starting OLB but they may look at some of the talent currently on the roster to fill the spot or at least to have solid depth.

Excuses, Excuses...Keep Checking Back on IIWII.

Last night should have been the time  when you would have seen 3-5 articles up for today's draft. Sadly, more stuff has come up. Got to get into town to pick up some stuff for our draft day party.....but keep tuned to IIWII I WILL GET 3-5 more articles up today before the draft starts.

Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ideally, the Skins Would Want a CB, QB and WR Available at #10......

.....if they want to trade back.
Think about it for a second. This class is deep in DE talent (either 4-3 or 3-4 variety) same with DT and 3-4 OLBs (ie. converted DEs to become OLBs in a 3-4). At #10 there is not much quality at the 4-3 OLB, ILB. S, TE positions. Most of the OL talent wouldn't be considered worth taking at #10. Also, the RB position (while important) has been devalued over the years as teams have become more "run by committee" instead of having one elite back.

So eliminate all of those positions as areas where teams may be willing to move up to grab a player (only exception to this thought may be if a team really likes 1 specific player moreso than his position and has to have that player). At #10 there are three positions with available players at the elite level are limited in number and some of them might be there. Of course, the Redskins could use many of these players but right now the Skins need fresh talent to fill many holes on the roster and the general consensus of most of the fan  base is that the Redskins would be better of with quantity over the quality of 1 very talented player.

If the Skins wish to trade back and grab extra picks, they may want to have one (or more) of the following players fall to #10.

1. Cornerback. There are a great number of teams that could use a starting corner after the Skins pick at #10. Houston is just the first and they are just behind the Skins at #11. If Prince Amukamara is still on the board when the Skins pick, expect their phones to light up for some possible trades trying to trump a team that may be ahead of them (in particular, keep an eye on Detroit who picks at #13).

2. Wide Receiver. Could we use Julio Jones? You bet. Skins really need a #1 WR but if the Skins could get some  2nd-4th round picks to move back a few spots it would be worth it. There are a few teams that could use a #1 WR and may be interested in moving up to grab one of only two elite WR prospects in the draft. Same argument could be made for A.J. Green.

3. Quarterback. I'm not fully buying Mike Mayock's assumption that there could be as many as three QBs going in the top 15. Yes, 7 of the top 10 could use a QB and a few teams behind them could as well. That said, do teams pull the trigger on Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder and Andy Dalton as early as #7 or #8? I don't think so. However, let's say something crazy like Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert falls to 10. It's not likely and I still think Gabbert will be taken no later than #5 and Newton #4 overall. It is possible. If one of those two do fall, maybe the Skins trade out with a team like the Vikings or the Dolphins- grab a few picks in the process and then grab a quarterback they thought they would get in the first place.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Questions the Skins Need to Answer Heading Into the Draft (WR)

This is question #3 of a 5 part series of questions about the current talent on the Skins roster. The answer may or may not indicate that the Skins need to address that position in either the draft or free agency.
Question 1
Question 2

3. Can Malcolm Kelly and Terrence Austin fill the void at WR?

(Can Austin* be a 2011 standout?)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Schedule Release, Redskins News and Notes, IIWII Updates.....

Just a quick FYI. 2011 schedule will be released/announced/shown on NFL Total Access tonight at 7PM EST. Of course, keep checking and through the day. I guarantee you'll know it long before then.

What's on Tap for the rest of the week/draft week at IIWII?
I will have the rest of the Questions the Skins Need to Answer through the week. I'm hoping that Friday or Saturday I will release my third Meaningless Mock Draft. Around this time or Sunday I will release the IIWII Consensus Draft Pick for the Skins at #10. I'm cheating a bit this year. There will be two possible players mentioned. One pick is coming from my head, the other the gut. Should have a few "flashback" entries and some commentary on some past drafts. Wednesday/Thursday I will have the final Meaningless Mock and that will be that. I'm going to enter my Mock over at Walter Football to see how well it does (and possibly win some $$$). Wish me luck.

I'm probably going to skip the draft day party at FedEx this year. Catch me on Twitter for day 3 commentary. Should have a final commentary/post on the draft on Sunday or Monday. Then I'm taking a break for a few weeks barring a new CBA and the start of FA.

Redskins News and Notes
There's been a debate circulating on the 'net about the Skins trading up or trading back in the draft. Major sports guys have posted these stories and it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Same thing is going on with stories of the Skins chasing Locker, Dalton, Ponder, Newton, Gabbert and........Ryan Mallet. Yep, Michael Lombardi on Path to the Draft said that his source indicated that the Skins may take Mallett at #10 (or that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility).
So are you confused? You should be and really isn't that the plan all along? You see, unlike other teams that may be able to stay silent and very carefully leak information, the Skins are always a hot topic of conversation during free agency and the draft. Blame or praise Dan Snyder and his tenure as the Redskins owner for that I suppose, but like the header at IIWII says "it is what it is". Unlike the Vinny days, MIke Shanahan is using this to his advantage. Spreading rumors and throwing everybody curveballs. Maybe he's revealed his true interests already.  Maybe he really wants a OLB at #10. Maybe they haven't even talked about the player or position they are targeting (DE, WR, RB?) Maybe one tidbit of info. is true. Thing is, you can't tell since so much garbage is being thrown out there. I hate it as a blogger and draftnik trying to predict the Redskins but love it as a fan. This is great. Keep it coming Redskins.

One thing is for sure, in only a few days we'll know the answer.....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Questions the Skins Need to Answer Heading Into the Draft (CB)

This is question #2 of a 5 part series of questions about the current talent on the Skins roster. The answer may or may not indicate that the Skins need to address that position in either the draft or free agency.
Question 1

(What role will Barnes* play in the secondary in 2011?)

2. Where does Kevin Barnes fit in Jim Haslett's 3-4 scheme?

Kevin Barnes was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2009 draft. During his rookie season, he was more or less redshirted and had little action on the field. This was due in part of former D-coordinator Greg Blache's uneasiness about using and depending on rookies in his system. Barnes saw much more significant playing time in 2010 getting snaps at both the corner and safety positions. Barnes finished 2010 starting at FS (primarily there because of injuries) and had a key interception that led to a Skins victory over the Jaguars in week 17.

Where Barnes fits in this system may indicate where the Skins would possibly target a corner in either the draft or free agency. Both Carlos Rogers and Phillip Buchanon are free agents if/when a new CBA is put into place and I find it doubtful that both will be back with the Skins in 2011. This means obviously that the Skins will have some holes to fill at the CB position. But again, the Skins need will depend on what level Barnes has reached skill wise and how comfortable the team is using him at that level. Would Kevin Barnes be considered a #2 CB, a nickle CB or a DB that can be used in dime packages or in special packages (example: how the Skins used a 3 Safety package named Cobra while with Blatche)? Also, how deep is this team beyond Barnes? Byron Westbrook has been a solid player on special teams and occasional contributor in some packages. I don't know much about Reggie Jones and where his role will be with the Skins. The depth behind DeAngelo Hall would have to be considered questionable at best at the moment.

If the Skins can't work a new deal with Rogers at least there is some hope that the void could be addressed. This is a good year to be looking for starting corner talent. Nnamdi Asomugha, Johnathan Joseph and Antonio Cromartie will be available in free agency along with both Rogers and Buchananon. There there's the possibility of drafting a player. At #10 there is a chance that Prince Amukamara would be available. In the second round, the Skins may be able to snag a Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris. They may look to develop a talent as well in the 5th round. Virginia Tech's Rashad Carmichael has been a name mentioned with the Skins a few times.

* Original Photo of Kevin Barnes found on

Sunday, April 17, 2011

(FNV): Melancholy Draft and the Infinte Lockout

This time last year, I was churning out posts like it was nothing. Who would the Redskins take? Why I thought the pick had to be a LT and why I thought it would be a disastrous move to take a QB like Jimmy Clausen at #4. I was also opposed to spending the entire allotment of draft picks on Sam Bradford.  While Bradford looks like he'll be a true franchise QB with the Rams, I think the kid would have been beaten into goo with the Skins. Especially without a LT to block for him (imagine that the Skins had drafted Bradford with Heyer, Dockery, Rabach, Hicks and Brown/Capers as the O-line) picture all of the McNabb sacks and  add a dozen more as teams would have attacked the rookie without mercy. Last year I felt like I had much more to write about than this year.

(IIWII, your daily ray of sunshine on the current lockout and whatever else is going on in the NFL)

Maybe, it's because of the lockout. Normally, as Redskin fans we're getting hyped up after the Skins make a move and sign a free agent or two. It ends the guessing game at some spots and let the Skin draftniks focus on the needs of the draft. I'm also annoyed by the lockout in general. Both sides have had two plus years to resolve the issue. Instead of getting together and getting the job done, they've made comments to the media and twitter and avoided each other like the plague. (Ed Note: Speaking of the plague, I been sick pretty frequently the past two months. Currently getting over something now, so all I've wanted to do when I'm not working is sleep. So, it's been hard to get articles written.) You'd think I would be really excited for the draft and in a way I am. It's a bit of a holiday for me, I use up some vacation time have friends and family over for round 1 and follow each pick to figure where the next major move will be made and how this fits into a team's strategy. This year however, it's been pretty disappointing. While this draft is deep in depth and solid players, it seems to be lacking in much "elite" prospects, especially where the Skins pick at #10.

        (Sensing a theme here with the Smashing Pumpkins song?)

I'm sorry but I really don't want to see the Skins draft Julio Jones at #10 (if he's there). He's listed on many mock drafts as the Skins choice. No offense to Mr. Jones, because I think he could be a great player, but every time I see his name on a mock, I see the names Desmond Howard, Michael Westbrook, Rod Gardner, and Devin Thomas flash in front of me. Neither the Skins or Mike Shanahan have great track records when it comes to drafting WRs, especially in the early rounds (remember Brandon Marshall was a 4th round selection). Players that the Redskins could use might be there like OLB/DE Robert Quinn or DE Cameron Jordan or even OT Tryon Smith (but isn't drafting a RT at #10 high?) but they almost feel like secondary needs in most cases. The Skins need a QB to run the offense. They need a NT to anchor their 3-4. Sadly, neither positions are really there at #10 (unless the Skins feel like it's worth a reach).

If anything, we've got to hope that somebody wants to trade down and trade with the Skins. Like I've said earlier, this is a deep draft. Just not many of them are considered of elite prospects. So, we have a draft with a great deal of starting caliber talent and quality depth. Of course the Skins lack 3rd and 4th round picks that could be used to scoop up those possible starters. If there is a team willing to move up, at this point I say do it. Honestly, the Skins may want to attempt trade backs in both the 1st and 2nd rounds to acquire talent to fit their schemes. If the Skins can't find a partner, I'll be expecting to read/hear many Skins fans disappointment on the Sunday/Monday after the draft. There probably won't be a consensus in the fan base that we got the right guy.

Maybe I'm wrong, but his could be the beginning of a very long 2011 season.........

Anyway, I won't end this post on a down note. Here's a You Tube clip of one of the funnier episodes of The Simpson's after season 10. Love the "Angry Dad" internet cartoon that Bart made during the episode.

* None of the You Tube videos were made by me.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The 2011 Schedule Released.......Oh, It's Just the Preseason Schedule

Yesterday, the preseason schedule was released to the groans of many and a few melancholy "yays" (kind of like the one in the opening of Mr. Sunshine). Normally, this starts some mild excitement as we get closer to the draft and the regular season schedule. However, with a lockout still in progress and no free agency many fans have just shrugged their shoulders  and have collectively sighed "meh".

On the Skins front, they will be hosting the Steelers and Buccaneers and traveling to face the Colts and Ravens. The Skins will be playing the Ravens in primetime on August 25th (oh boy, maybe John Harbaugh can dial up some more fake punts and the team can dump gatorade on somebody who used to play or coach for the Skins. That's how Joe Flacco gets better in the playoffs and how the Ravens can finally figure out how to be the Steelers in the post-season). More on that can be read over at

Finally, a quick prediction. The 2011 schedule will probably be released either next Tuesday or Wednesday or the Tuesday before the draft. I'm leaning Tuesday before the draft most likely.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Questions The Skins Need to Answer Heading Into the Draft (DE)

(Can Jeremy Jarmon be a significant contributor in 2011?)
 The Redskins have some tough decisions to make as they head into the upcoming draft. Many would argue that the Skins need to fill starting spots in multiple areas with either rookies or free agents. They also have depth needs. But what we forget is that the Skins have some young talent on the team. Some of these players may be the ones that can fill these gaping holes. So here are five questions I'm going to throw out about the current talent on the roster and where the Skins may or may not need to head in FA/draft based on what they think of the current talent.

Before we even start let's eliminate the obvious question that no one can really answer until a new CBA is in place: "What will the Redskins do with Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth?". It's a non-factor heading into this draft. Neither, in my opinion, are coming back. Neither Shanahan or the players on the team want to deal with the drama caused by Haynesworth. As for McNabb, I just don't think that either the coaches or the player really want to work with other anymore. So let's look at some interesting questions about the 2011 Skins. This will be part on of (hopefully) five questions as we head towards the draft.

1. Can Jeremy Jarmon be developed into a starting 3-4 DE?
Jeremy Jarmon was a supplemental draft pick designed to fill a hole at the DE spot for the Skins 4-3. Looked good in 2009 until an ACL injury ended his season early. Had one major play in 2010 where a pressure on Aaron Rogers led to an interception and eventually a Skins win in overtime against the Packers. When the Skins made the transition to the 3-4, they tried to develop Jarmon into a faster, leaner version of himself as an OLB. It didn't appear to work too well. Currently the Skins want to develop Jarmon into a 3-4 DE by getting him back to his old playing weight and possibly bulking him up a bit more to handle the physical rigors of the position (ie. lots of run stuffing and physical battles with guards and tackles). So can this work?

Maybe. Jarmon reminds me a great deal of Phillip Daniels. A physical, more power rusher. A player who excels at stopping the run and containing the edge. Might not be a Julius Peppers "elite" pass rusher but has the strength and explosion to cause disruption in the pocket and get the occasional sack. Sounds like more of a 3-4 DE to me. The major hurdle is whether the Skins feel like they have time to develop Jarmon while playing or find a player that may have more experience or upside at playing that position.

There isn't a great deal of free agents in the draft that I would bring in to fill that starting void, so the Redskins need to determine if Jarmon can be that guy. If he is, then the Skins can focus on OLB, NT and offense in the draft. If he isn't, then a DE in a very strong 3-4 DE class might be the way to go. Cameron Jordan or JJ Watt might be good fits at #10. Either way the Skins have a significant hole at the RDE position. Kedric Golston is a free agent (depending on the CBA) and both Phillip Daniels and Vonnie Holiday are at the twilight of their careers. They need to address the position either from within or in the draft.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meaningless Mock Draft 2011 Version 2.0

Time to come back to the Meaningless Mock. Most of the pro days are over and now comes the month of smokescreens and lies for draftniks like you and me to try and figure out while we come up with our meaningless projections on where players will head. Speaking of meaningless........let's start version 2.0
*special thanks to helmets, helmets, helmets for the team helmet designs.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just A Quick Thought......Moving Back in the Draft

(Could the Redskins try to trade back to get NT Phil Taylor?)
Just a quick thought as I continue to trudge out the Meaningless Mock Draft 2.0........

Many believe (myself included) that if the Redskins can find a trade partner, they will attempt to trade out of the #10 spot in hopes to a) acquire more picks in order to get younger and fill needs for starters and depth on the roster and b) to get value on a player that they really like to fill the team's biggest need. Many think that the goal of trading back would to get QB, Jake Locker. While the rumors have been swirling for months of the Redskins interest in Locker going back to 2010,  I wonder if that's really the target. Maybe the Skins are looking a a few players including the top NT prospect Baylor's Phil Taylor. Most mock drafts have him projected as going to the Chiefs at #21 and it's clear that Taylor will not be getting out of the 1st round (looks like the Jets and Steelers may also have interest in Taylor). Would Taylor be worth the pick at say #14? What about #16 or #17?

Maybe the Skins are looking at a 3-4 DE. J.J. Watt might still be around past #10. Same can be said about Cal's Cameron Jordan. It could be a quarterback as well. Some have Christian Ponder higher than Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett (not me, but some out there do). The point of this is that Mike Shanahan usually it pretty tight lipped on his draft strategy, so if the Skins are projecting to trade to get Locker take it with a grain of salt.

We'll know in less than four weeks.